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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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PR Thought Leader Steve Cody

Steve Cody, Managing Partner and co-founder of Peppercom, discusses his guiding principles of PR and how he applies those principles to the changing face of the industry.

Some of Steve’s VlogViews: “Focus on innovation. Focus on trying to understand what is keeping our clients up at night. Focus on attracting and retaining the very best people. Focusing on a culture where we take our clients and our business very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously at all.”

“We in PR aren’t necessarily seen as the digital solution that we should be. Digital, obviously has proven to be the most cost effective one to one marketing tool, but public relations firms still aren’t seen as the go to source.”

“What I get from [stand up comedy] is a lot of intangibles that I bring to the workplace…and that is reading non-verbals, picking up on an audience and the audience can be a new business presentation or a staff meeting…but, because there is only you in front of that audience, you are down to the essentials, you must be able to communicate.”