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PRSA CEO on How the PR Industry Continues to Evolve

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MIKE BAKO, Marketing Manager of D S Simon, speaks with MICKEY NALL, Chairman and CEO of PRSA, on the importance of brand journalism and storytelling in the public relations profession.

Mickey Nall’s Vlog Views:

“Great PR practitioners are great writers, they just need to think a little more visually and maybe utilize not only photos, but video. And, at the same time, embrace infographics – make complicated information easier for people to understand.”

“I think people spend a lot of time making sure every ‘I is dotted and T is crossed’, forgetting that this is a very human profession, a very human interaction that’s got to take place between two audiences, two groups, whatever constituents, and, in order to do that, you need to appeal and hopefully deliver some insight in a way that people want to understand and people are engaged and want to be a part of it. And one technique to do that is storytelling.”

“Get to the core of the brand, get to the heart of the story and tell it.”