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Rachel Sklar, To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Rachel Sklar, Manager of Media Experts at Abrams Research, former media reporter for the Huffington Post and current contributor to The Daily Beast, discusses some of the lessons she had learned in social media and how she is applying those lessons to her new charitable initiative, Charitini. Recorded at the Bulldog Media Relations summit.

Some of Rachel’s VlogViews:

“Social media comes up so much because it’s such a huge part of multimedia strategy these days and so many companies are desperate to learn about it and understand how you use social media to build your brand, build awareness of your product and participate in the conversation online.”

“Tweet, and do anything communicative right…In terms of reaching out to people on a professional level, you want to be respectful, add value to what you’re tweeting about….Really the same core rules of human interaction carry forth online, whether it be blogging, or on facebook or on twitter.”

“I decided to donate my birthday to four of my favorite charities…I asked my friends to instead of buying me a birthday drink, I asked them to donate that money to more charities, hence the name Charitini. I’ve expanded that to other friends and their birthdays…Like everything else, I’m using social media to build awareness of it and it’s working.”