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Rich Moussa Joins D S Simon Productions as Director of Digital Strategy & Services

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, sat down with Rich Moussa, the firm’s new Director of Digital Strategy & Services.  Rich, an industry veteran, has vast experience in digital development.  He tells us how he plans to apply his skills and knowledge to help the strategic video communications firm expand its digital communications.

Rich’s VlogViews:

“I’ve found, over time, that stations, producers, shows, people that need content don’t necessarily want to receive it in the traditional way. Being online, we have the ability to transfer files and send HD video almost instantly. So by encapsulating all this information and providing it to them directly at their desks, they’re more likely to use it.”

“Because of our media team, we were able to compile a list of affiliates of 30,000 users. Now that crosses TV, radio, sites, blogs, and being online we have the ability to send this information out instantly. And when we send it out, we can see when a person actually downloads this. We can have the media team follow up with them, and see if it was used, how often it was used.”

“A digital media module is an embeddable content module, if you will, that houses any of your assets—video, audio, your releases, your alerts, your pitch pages, images. We can put everything in there, and we give this component to the stations or whoever would take it, and they can actually embed it in its entirety on their websites. Then, from there, other viewers can take it and put it on their blogs and their sites. So, your reach is limitless.”