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Ron Culp, Ketchum, Receives Hill Award

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Ron Culp, Partner and Managing Director of Ketchum, after he received the John W. Hill Award at the 2011 PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards. Ron shares some advice on how to deliver your opinion in a professional setting without damaging your image or career.

Some of Ron’s VlogViews:

“Earlier in my youth… I would always take the contrarian view. But at least it cause debate and argument. So then when you get into a corporate setting you have to know when to put a governor on it and I always recommend for people to make sure they get permission to offer their opinions before they jump in.”

“A key thing that a manger has to do is accessibility to an organization; you have to walk the floors, you have to talk to people. What occurs too often because we’re all too busy is we’re still desk bound for the most part and new social media has not helped matters. … Just be involved, have your finger on the pulse of the organization, its critical.”