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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Sally Falkow, Internet Marketer

We interviewed thought-leader Sally Falkow, President of Expansion+ from a secret location on the keys to successful internet marketing strategies.

Some of Sally’s VlogViews: “It’s [the internet] that has turned the flow of communication on its head.  Where as before companies were creating messages, finding ways to get them out, pushing, pushing, pushing all the messages out.  Now it’s the people that are actually looking for information and we have to be on the other side of that. It has become pull rather than push.” 

“There is just so much that companies can do with video, huge amounts they can do -“ they can tell the story.  We keep hearing ‘tell them, don’t sell them” my God, have PR people got an opportunity to tell the story.”

“Well, you know we like to say in the old days – like six months ago, so who knows in the new days like six months from now… things that we were doing for clients a year ago, we are doing completely different things now, we are doing things that didn’t exist, Twitter wasn’t there.”