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Saul Hansell, Editor of Bits Blog, New York Times

Saul Hansell, Editor of “Bits Blog,” New York Times, discusses the pros and cons of writing for a blog versus writing for a newspaper. Recorded at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of Saul’s VlogViews:

“I think that blogs, at least the way we are practicing them, make for a much fuller articulation of truth with much better information then the newspaper world.”

“Instead of a newspaper story, where somebody calls up and complains and if it doesn’t reach the level of a correction, you don’t do anything about it. In the blog world somebody says, ‘well you missed the shading of what we really meant,’ and I say, ‘alright, write it down and we will put it up.'”

“As a blog, we can do things that newspapers stories can’t. Like any blog, we can link to other stories into the discussion of the day so we can help be part of the broader discussion and we can foster discussion. We have readers comment and a lot of times the news sources comment and so we end up having an ongoing discussion between participants and some very knowledgeable readers about the technology topics of the day.”


Bits Blog