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Scott Hensley, Wall Street Journal Health Blog

Scott Hensley, News Editor at the Wall Street Journal Health Blog talks about maintaining high journalistic standards in the 24/7 news cycle and the blogs he checks out to get his information. Recorded at the exlPharma Communications Conference.

Some of Scott’s VlogViews: “There is a paradox in that the very life saving nature of the industry’s products make people more upset about any mistakes. For products people fine so important to their lives, they become more concerned about potential problems.”

“I am looking for blogs that contain specialized information that I don’t know much about. KevinMd.com is a really good source of information for medicine and what is on the minds of primary care physicians, the happy hospitalist is another niche written by a physician who take care of patients in the hospital who writes about patient care, one other that I like is aggravated doc surg, which you can learn a lot through his humorous anecdotes.” Check out The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog.