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Snapchat: Not just for college students anymore

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One of the most talked about communication platforms is Snapchat. Now brands have begun to use it to reach consumers. Jeff Petriello, Producer/Creative at Mashable, shared with D S Simon’s Bailey Wild, how Mashable is using this social media platform as a brand tool and how other organizations can integrate Snapchat into their own social media marketing plan.

How to use Snapchat the right way:

77% percent of college students use Snapchat on a daily basis. Capitalizing on that, many brands, such as Mashable, have begun to integrate the communication platform into their social media marketing plans. Here’s what Mashable is doing:

1)    Creating stories on Snapchat. A story is a 24-hour rolling cycle of images or video your followers can opt into viewing.

2)    Putting up content that reflects the editorial content on the site, behind the scenes or even a brand partnership.

3)    They’re open to experimentation. You never know if it’ll work unless you mess around with the app and “get your hands dirty.”