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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions speaks with David Ringer, Director of Messaging at the National Audobon Society at the PR News Media Relations Conference about the role social media platforms such as Twitter play in starting a grassroots movement, gaining supporters, networking and distributing a message.

David Ringer’s Vlog Views:

“At Audobon, we interact with a lot of journalists each day and we’ve trained ourselves when we interact with a journalist to follow him or her on Twitter. We then organize them into lists so that we can follow people in different areas. We work on legislation, we work on science, we work on education so we can follow people in those different realms about what they’re talking about and what’s important to them.”

“Follow Friday (#FF) is a great thing as well. We certainly do that frequently. We try to shout out to supporters, grassroot supporters, influential supporters, journalists, overall a mixture so that everyone feels loved and appreciated.”

“It’s about listening. It’s about finding out who is talking about the area that you’re active in and what they care about. Twitter’s a great way to do that because you can find those conversations by searching on hashtags or just on words either through Twitter’s interface or lots of other tools out there like Muck Rack or Hoot Suite which are all great tools. Find out who’s having the conversations you should be a part of and then using all the kinds of social skills you would use through any other medium, just listen to what they care about, startup conversations, give them Follow Friday shout outs and all that great stuff.”