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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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SPOKEies™ University with Shonali Burke

Shonali Burke, President and CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting spoke with Mike Bako of D S Simon Media about the importance of transparency when prepping your corporate spokesperson. She also provides some of her best practice tips and mistakes to avoid for brand and non-profit spokespeople.

Key Quotes:

“People forget that good spokespeople really represent the brand. So when you have a good spokesperson that is able to distill your story and communicate it to your audience and to your prospects in a way that it becomes their story, that’s really priceless.”

“What the public hears is going to be what the spokesperson says and it puts the spokesperson in a very awkward position if what they’re saying is incomplete or not the entire picture. That is something we have to try really really hard to avoid.”