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Susan Bean of Marina Maher on the Influence-Her Survey

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Susan Bean, Executive Vice President of Marina Maher Communications, on their recently published Influence-Her Survey and the implications for Public Relations and communications professionals in reaching the elusive female consumer.

Some of Susan’s VlogViews:

“Women want a committed relationship, we don’t want a one night stand; for a company that means an ongoing relationship in social media and an ongoing commitment to being in a dialogue with women.”

“Influence-Hers are mini-broadcasters. We talk about the mass media of one and women are very interested in listening to each other. Women have been talking and gossiping and sharing information forever.”

“It’s extremely important that the content be authentic. Women want to feel like they’re watching something real, they want to feel like they’re being talked to by a company that respects them and is looking for their input and their opinion. It’s really important that the content you create be purposeful and strategic in how you’re going to approach women; not just grab the kid with the video camera and throw something up.”