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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Susan Winckler, FDA

Help wanted at the FDA. Susan Winckler, Chief of Staff at the FDA, talks about the 1,300 job openings at the FDA and how they are combating the drop in public trust, in part thought a weekly blog by FDA commissioner, Andrew von Eschenbach. Recorded at the exl Pharma communications conference.

Some of Susan’s VlogViews: “We can communicate so much more quickly and we have so much more data at our disposal. Communication and science has led us to know more things and I think that when things are not handled well, it can inspire people to think that things aren’t working correctly when really the power to identify an outbreak or identify a problem with a drug shows the success of the industry and not a failure.”

“We are hiring about 1,300 folks and some of them are in the communications realm. We need to get better at risk communications and just get better at informing the public what it is we do. In order to be successful, we have to communicate well.”