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The crisis in trust and how to fight back with john avlon of the Daily Beast

Kristina Doytchinova, Marketing Manager at D S Simon Media, had the chance to speak with John Avlon, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Beaston the crisis in trust at the “Fighting the Good Fight” Webinar hosted by Edelman and Commpro.biz .

John gives his take on how businesses can live their values and ultimately be rewarded with loyalty. If they don’t, they will be punished by consumers in the social media environment. Businesses also need to be smart with their ad dollars. He says they need to stay away from broad programmatic ad buys and consciously support the websites they think are living up to their values.

John Avlon’s VlogViews: 

“Businesses are being asked by consumers to live their values and if they stand for something then consumers will have an emotional connection to them but it needs to be authentic.”

“Businesses need to support quality news sites in the pursuit of quality customers and not simply do broad programmatic ad buys. They need to support the sites they think are doing well and be the change they want to see.”