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Turning the Tables: Doug Simon on how to evolve your agency with the changing industry

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, in conversation with Eric Morgenstern of Morningstar Communications at the Counselors Academy Conference, shares how his company has evolved with the changing communications landscape and what agencies should keep in mind when working with strategic partners.

Doug’s VlogViews:

“It’s important to make sure the strategic partner is considering how you can create an ongoing work stream and revenue stream, where you’re going to be able to contribute to your client’s need, but keep it in the business.”

“Social media takes time to develop. Clients aren’t well known for having great patience, all of the time. A key thing we’ve developed is to partner them with this service, so they can give a jumpstart to the social media outreach. So after a month, you have some metrics.”

“As long as the spokesperson partnership is truly authentic, and makes sense, and you’re willing to be flexible, it should work. You can’t put in brand attitude on someone who you’re bringing onboard because of the following they’ve already built. You have to find that match and work together to build a greater whole. Make it tone plus one equals three.”