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Why Every Brand Should Value Earned Media

Sandra Fathi, President and Founder of Affect, joined Doug Simon to discuss the value of earned media and to offer her insights on the D S Simon Media Influencers Report. Fathi also discussed the value of disclosure and why you need to pick a spokesperson who is trusted and credible in the community and with their audience.

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Sandra Fathi’s VlogViews

“One of the things that really struck me is how many PR people are not focused on earned media, that is what we do day in and day out, that to me is still the most trusted and valued part of our business so it was shocking to me how many people are abandoning that channel and just focusing on paid opportunities.”

“Most of the companies that we work with are in the tech space so I think we had a huge advantage that we were ahead of the curve. Before we really talked about social media, we talked about communities, or user groups, and early adopters. We were operating in the digital sphere before there was a digital sphere.  So that really helped us. We’ve really seen with the companies that we work with and we work with small to mid-size companies, we work with a lot of B2B companies, budgets are tight. They want to make sure there is ROI for what they do. They can’t afford to just throw money and pay for all of this media coverage. So making sure that earned media is the primary focus of their PR campaign is always been central to most of what we do.”

“It’s become so much easier to produce video and high quality video so that you don’t have to also spend a big amount that is broadcast quality, and as prices have come down you can produce something that can be used by television networks, online for web and still look like very high quality material and gets you tremendous air time and value. “

“It’s deception; without a doubt. But you can also get in trouble with FCC violations and other regulatory issues.  You never want to be in that position; if you are paying spokespeople, but truthful and forthcoming. It’s one of the basic tenants of PR, whether it’s a written word or it’s a video, you really need to be disclosing exactly who the source is and who’s producing this content.”

“When you have a spokesperson who is trusted and credible in the community or with your audience, even if they know they’re being paid and this is an endorsement it still has weight with that audience, and this is something that so many consumers are used to in our society that it doesn’t have to be a detriment. If you’re trying to deceive consumers and trying to hide that fact that this is a paid relationship, that is when brands really get into trouble and they lose that trust factor.”

For more information on Affect you can visit http://www.affect.com/. Follow Sandra on Twitter @sandrafathi