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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Earned Media Throughout the Election

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug) of D S Simon Media speaks about how your brand can win by using similar marketing strategies that were used throughout the election process.

The campaign demonstrated the power of earned media. For the first time in years, the candidate outspent during both the primary and general election campaign won. Donald Trump mastered earning media with social media. Can you?

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D S Simon Media (@DSSimon) CEO Doug Simon (DSSimonDoug) speaks with the founder of Michael Smart PR, Michael Smart (@michaelsmartpr) about his proven methods of successfully pitching journalists and becoming a master of media relations.

At this years PRSA International Conference, D S Simon Media CEO, Doug Simon, met with Michael Smart, head of Michael Smart PR, to discuss ways to improve your media pitches and how to get over the “I feel like a pest” syndrome. Michaels three tips: Know your target, dig for gold, and bring a sense of urgency. Doug and Michael take a closer look at these steps and provide examples of how a company can use them to their benefit in today’s edition of VlogViews.


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How to Increase Earned Media in a Social Media World: PR News Social Media Conference

Shelby Fix of D S Simon Media spoke with Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), CEO of D S Simon Media at the PR News Social Media Conference about how to increase earned media in a social media world.

In this interview, Doug Simon is interviewed by Shelby Fix at the PR News Social Media Conference about how to increase earned media in a social media world. As you may know, Doug is the founder and CEO of D S Simon Media. Shelby Fix is the Video Producer/Senior Content Marketer at D S Simon, as well as the newest member of our team.

This post will give advice as to how to make social media work for you in order to earn the type of quality media that modern companies need to succeed. We’ll also give insight into the power of video and how they can overcome the challenges faced when looking to acquire media.

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Recap of the Coca Cola Journey: PR News Social Media Conference

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), CEO of D S Simon Media spoke with Doug Busk (@dbusk), Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media, Corporate Communications, of  Coca Cola Company at the PR News Social Media Conference about Coca Cola’s Journey.

In today’s installment of VlogViews, Doug speaks with the Group Director of Digital Communications & Social Media (Corporate Communications) of Coca-Cola Company Doug Busk. Doug and Doug delve into the impact of Coca-Cola Journey and the inclusion of a famous Coke advertisement in the series finale of the critically acclaimed show “Mad Men.” The Doug’s also discussed the refreshing PR maneuver used by Coca-Cola when faced with the impact of a negative Op-Ed piece. You don’t want to miss this one!

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Creative Strategies To Get Buy In’s: PR News Social Media Conference

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug) of D S Simon Media speaks with Allen Plummer (@MktrAllen), Content Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Institutional Business, of Vanguard at the PR News Social Media Conference about creative strategies to get buy in from management to push forward on Social Media.

Have you ever wondered how major institutions develop social media strategies? Doug spoke with Allen Plummer, Content Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Institutional Business of Vanguard at the recent PR News Social Media Conference and discussed how developing and sharing a long term social media strategy within your organization can evolve and grow your social media impact. Are you getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to social media impressions? Mr. Plummer will share his formula for calculating the most efficient cost per impression.

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How to Increase Earned Media Coverage in a Social Media World

81% of digital journalists are using social networking sites to find story ideas. This presents a tremendous opportunity to use social media networking sites to generate earned media coverage for your campaign.

Come join us at the PR News’ Social Media Conference and Crisis Management Workshop in New York City October 19-20th where our CEO and Owner, Doug Simon, will be speaking about increasing earned media in a social media world.

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), President and CEO of D S Simon Media provides insight to his session at the PR News Social Media Conference on October 20th where he will discuss how to use video to win earned media across platforms.

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Trump will be President if 2016 is 1980

Will Trump “trump” Hillary similarly to how Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980? On the day of the presidential debate, new polls reflect nearly a tie between Trump and Clinton. Taking a closer look, the parallels are undeniable.

Similarities Include:

A third-party challenge

An unlikable Democrat

A “dangerous” Republican

A feeling America is on the wrong track

Nearly identical campaign slogans

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Forum Produced by Milestone Marketing

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), CEO of D S Simon Media got a chance to speak with the founder and organizer of The Corporate Anniversary Forum, Lisa Alonge (@MilestoneLisa). Lisa outlined key takeaways of the forum and how organizations can effectively maximize their anniversary celebrations.

Some of Lisa’s VlogViews: 

“Time is your biggest asset and you can’t get it back when that clock ticks. Everything needs time to percolate, these are big conversations, this is a complex, one-time opportunity to really propel your brand forward and those conversations cannot be rushed.”

“I like to say you can glance back but you don’t stare, a digression that anniversaries give you permission…to look back at your founding principles. You must do that to understand your story. That reveals the soul of your company.”

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Forum Produced by Milestone Marketing

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), CEO of D S Simon Media spoke with David French (@GoParks), SVP of Marketing, Communications & Corporate Partnerships at The National Park Service during The Corporate Anniversary Forum about their groundbreaking centennial anniversary celebration and how they leveraged partnerships to spread their message.

Some of David’s VlogViews:

“Our objective with our centennial anniversary was not only to have a birthday party and honor the great 100 year legacy of America’s national parks but also to engage the next generation of visitors, advocates and supporters. For us it was really about setting the trajectory for the national parks for the next 100 years and extending an invitation for all Americans especially our youngest ones to be part of that.”

“My biggest motto is never be afraid to ask. You would be surprised at the number of partners that you might find in all areas and sectors…We’re not doing a big media buy. We’re asking for a lot of partners to get behind it, share the message that is why it’s really more of a movement.”

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The Corporate Anniversary Forum: Ted Ryan of The Coca Cola Company

Forum Produced by Milestone Marketing

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug) , CEO and Owner of D S Simon Media spoke with Ted Ryan (@TedRyan64), Director of Heritage Communications for The Coca Cola Company at The Corporate Anniversary Forum about Coca Cola’s landmark anniversary celebrations including the 100th anniversary of the iconic Coca Cola bottle.

Some of Ted’s VlogViews: 

“The message house is critical to anything that we do. You have to have your story, you have to have your key elements. For the coke bottle, we want to reignite passion for the coke bottle, that’s the overarching and then from there you determine how you’re best going to do it. The message house helps you pull together your story and then your activation and tactical plan based on that.”

“Focus on your message, focus on your story and determine the story as it applies to your business. We wanted to drive people, to re-ignite a passion for the Coca Cola bottle so everything we did focused on art, fashion, music and design. Those are core elements that people can relate to…if you stick to your core, you know what you want to accomplish and you have your target, that’s half the battle.”

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