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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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SPOKEies™ University with Lewis Goldberg

Lewis Goldberg, Managing Partner at KCSA Worldwide, sat down with D S Simon Media CEO and Founder of The SPOKEies™, Doug Simon, about the importance of compelling in-house spokespeople. He gives his tips and best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of an internal spokesperson.

Key Quotes:

“I think it’s clear that the level of authenticity, the level of knowledge about what they’re speaking about and the level of accessibility for an in-house spokesperson is significantly higher than either a paid gun or an outside expert. The media tends to like them more.”

“For our clients, they want to be seen as eminent in any field that they are in. Biotech, pharma, technology, financial services, advertising, whatever the industry is, they have a goal of being seen as a thought leader. Any acknowledgment of that leadership is of value and being acknowledged by an award like the SPOKEies™ for identifying them as being effective, transparent and accessible really proves value not only to the industry, but to the C-Suite that employs them.”

PHRMA’s CCO – Leading an Association’s Communications

Christian Clymer, VP of Public Affairs and Communications at PhRMA discusses navigating change.

Christian Clymer of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America spoke with Doug Simon at the PR Summit DC about PhRMA’s new Go Boldly campaign and the keys to effective communications leadership at a large association.

Check Point Software and Toys ‘R Us Influencers: Why we use in-house spokespeople

Leading IT security firm Check Point Software and top retailer Toys ‘R Us decided to stay in-house when choosing a spokesperson for their Influencer Media Tours. Here’s why:

Michael Shaulov, a Senior Executive at Check Point Software said, “We are in the ecosystem day and night. When we talk about these topics we are more credible then someone you might bring from the outside because we can bring real examples that we’ve experienced.”

Nicole Hayes, a Spokesmom from Toys ‘R Us said, “We truly value what we do in bringing our expert toy opinions to the media so you get that inside look and that true inside opinion from us directly.”

Influencer Marketing: TOP TRENDS of 2017 So Far

The Client Services team at D S Simon Media share some of the Influencer Marketing trends for the beginning of 2017. Check out what they had to say!

Our Big Takeaways:

-Influencer Marketing grows.

-The media environment improves.

-The Super Bowl of Marketing.

Communication Strategies for Changes to Obamacare

Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, says there are two phases to make sure your voice is heard.

Phase 1: Is it going to be, Repeal and Replace, Repeal and Delay or just a tweak to the existing Obamacare?

Phase 2: Steer clear of appearing as part of the partisan divide. Even though your position will likely fall on one side or the other.

New York Times article that covered that lobbyists are nervous and hesitant to engage, fearing Trump.

Crisis Plan if Trump Attacks Your Brand

Individual corporations are being singled out for criticism by Donald Trump. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, says if you need to activate your crisis plan, it’s too late.

What should you do?

Don’t take him on. You can’t match his firepower.

You need to be proactive.

Be more ambitious in and how you’re approaching the media, telling more compelling stories to different audiences so you have a strong base.

You need to get out in front of potential issues or you’re going to be fighting with a very weak crisis communications plan.

New York Times article that covered key point to put a crisis plan together.

Trump’s Twitter: Nothing to Rant About

It’s not the medium. It’s the message. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media says if you don’t like Trump, it’s dumb politics and dumb journalism to rant about his Twitter use. He’s got history on his side.

FDR was criticized for using radio and then hailed as a genius.

JFK and Reagan used television to great advantage.

Obama used social media to reach millennials.

“If you don’t like Donald Trump, praise Twitter. But bury him for the content and meaning of his messages and actions.”

From the archive: Will Trump’s PR Advantages pave the way for him to the White House? That’s the question Doug Simon asked on May 4, 2016. Guess the Clinton campaign didn’t take his advice.

Happy Holidays From D S Simon Media!

We wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays! We are giving thanks and expressing gratitude to our clients, partners and friends by giving to causes our team actively engages with.

All the best in 2017!

Using Social Media to Lead Your Team Through a Crisis

Elizabeth Rosenberger of D S Simon Media, spoke with Rachel Racoosin (@rachelracoosin), Senior Digital Strategist for LEVICK at the PR News Media Relations Conference in Washington, D.C., about leading employees and senior leaders through media firestorms.

In today’s vlog post, Elizabeth spoke with Rachel Racoosin, Senior Digital Strategist for LEVICK about how to lead your organization’s social media messaging in a crisis, taking the right steps to prepare for a crisis, bringing emotion to the conversation through video and how to implement a dark site for your company.

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Do You Know How to Pitch to the Media?

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), CEO of D S Simon Media spoke with Michael Smart (@MichaelSmartPR) of Michael Smart PR at the PR News Media Relations Conference in Washington, D.C., about how to craft email pitches to the media.

In today’s vlog, Doug spoke with Michael Smart of Michael Smart PR about writing the right email to pitch your product/story to outlets, how video content can help sell the pitch, and some interesting ways to create pitches to outlets.

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