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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Why Being authentic is essential for communicators

FRANK BODIN, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Havas Worldwide Switzerland joins Mike Bako of D S Simon Media from the NY Festivals to discuss industry trends and what the creative process was like to pick winners for this years Festivals.

“It’s a good trend when there is no trend (among the winners and applicants), we had a lot of diverse, fantastic campaigns”

“The good thing is it’s not a trend so in each category you find new standards”

“Being authentic is essential for communicators”

“When you walk on the streets, too often you see the same, same, same, but here we see exceptional creative answers on normal briefings.  That is why I like being a judge on such a jury, for me it is always a good learning experience too.”

“For me, (being a judge) is also a very good learning experience in how to answers boring briefings, how to find new fresh ways to solve a problem.”

How You Can Be True to Your Brand

Lisa Fedyszyn, Associate Creative Director, Droga5 and Doug Simon, President & CEO of  D S Simon Media appear at the NY Festivals to discuss what goes into the judging of award winning campaigns at the Festivals.

“I don’t think it matters what medium it’s in, whether it’s in film to activation to PR as long as it’s grounded in an insight that is based on a truth to the brand, if it’s emotional or even makes you laugh or cry and makes you see things in a new way.”

“It’s the little details that get it there, that separate it.  So whether that the copy writing that makes it feel authentic, or an idea that’s so brave that you know that they had to push the client to get it there and to get it as good as it is.”



What Does it take to be a brave client?

FADI YAISH, Regional ECD, Impact BBDO UAE speaks with Mike Bako of D S Simon Media from the NY Festivals.

“There were more brave clients this year. I’m not talking about just good, award-winning ideas, I’m talking about clients who took a leap of faith with their agency to deliver outstanding creative work for that is so impactful and effective for their business.”

“It doesn’t matter that it takes time, what matters is that we get there, and we are getting there.  I think it’s a good base, and the more agencies of the world and clients of the world do brave work the more clients and agencies will be doing it.  These amazing, brave pieces of work didn’t come from the expected areas, agencies, or networks, they came from different parts of the world, from different agencies around the world and from different business sectors.  This was the most interesting part of it all.”

“Creativity is coming from different sectors so it’s more contagious.  If someone does something, the people that are most concerned with what is done will be asking themselves “why can’t I do the same?”  This is how every person, every corporation, every entity, pushes the others.  When somebody does it, then its good for everyone else because one after another starts raising the bar.”

How Integrating Newsworthy Video Into Your Social Channels Can Drive Media Coverage

Integrating newsworthy video content into your social media channels and distributing it can increase the quantity and quality of the media coverage you receive. That was among the key finding of our Influencers Report 2016. The report was developed from a survey of nearly 200 online journalists.

Among the key findings:

93% of television producers rely on networking sites to find leads on content
92% of online journalists at newspaper sites do
Facebook is used by 93% and Twitter by 92%. You tube isn’t far behind at 59%

Is your online content driving the media coverage you want? Do you need a content audit to determine its “MediAbility?” Are you utilizing Custom Content Media Packages to target content to specific journalists and online media outlets?

The survey also found that 59% of online media have taken stories pitched to them via social networking sites.

You can download a copy of the survey at D S Simon.com/Digital

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker Team Up to Tackle Earned Media In New Survey

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker are releasing a new joint survey that will provide valuable insight on how public relations and communications teams are earning media and the analytics that they are using to measure results.  Todd Grossman, CEO of the Americas at Talkwalker and D S Simon Media CEO and President, Doug Simon sit-down to discuss potential challenges of earning media and how earned media can increase your ROI.

If you would like to take the survey just click here: Brand Video Survey


“It’s becoming even more challenging to actually earn your media, to create a good enough story. I think organizations have recognized how powerful a tool it is so there more effort to get those limited spaces, limited outlets that are credible.” – Doug Simon

How using analytics can create an effective earned media strategy.

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker are releasing a new joint survey that will provide valuable insight on how public relations and communications teams are earning media and the analytics that they are using to measure results. In the second part of the video series, Todd Grossman, CEO of the Americas at Talkwalker and D S Simon Media CEO and President, Doug Simon discuss the role of analytics in creating an effective earned media strategy.

If you would like to take the survey just click here: Brand Video Survey


“There’s so much data out there right now that you really have to use an advanced analytics platform to be able to see where your content has been picked up, where you’re getting earned media, and where things are going viral.” – Todd Grossman

“What you’re able to do now is look at the virality of messaging so if something started in earned media, it’s going to other places online through earned media.” – Todd Grossman

Is Your Campaign Cutting Through the Election Clutter?

Doug Simon, President & CEO, of D S Simon Media offers insights on how public relations pros can cut through the election coverage clutter to get more broadcast coverage for their campaigns.

Doug’s VlogViews:

How can you make your public relations campaign cut through the election clutter?  I have some PR Xanax for you.

“You are right to be nervous if the target audience for your campaign are national news outlets like CNN, FOX News, or MSNBC. They are wall to wall politics and election coverage because it is driving ratings.”

“Where can you go to reach your audience through broadcast television? Answer, local television.”

“This year in Chicago there is 14 more hours of local TV news than there was last year. It is a growing profit center for stations. These stations know they can not compete with the big three cable outlets in covering the presidential race.”

“You should stay away the week of a primary in a specific state, other than that it is open opportunity for media coverage.”

The Art of Selecting the Right Spokesperson

Picking the right spokesperson can make or break your campaign. The news cycle is fast and you need to know where your target audience is consuming content. Picking the right spokesperson can help you leverage the news cycle and extend your campaign on social media; if you know what to consider when you make your spokesperson selection. Mike Bako, Marketing Director at D S Simon Media with Part Two of the Art of Selecting the Right Spokesperson.

If you missed Part One of the Art of Selecting the Right Spokesperson you can click here to view the video: VIDEO

Top 5 Pitching Mistakes Producers Hate

Producers hate when media relations and public relations pros waste their time with bad pitches. What are some of the biggest gripes producers have? D S Simon’s Kristina Doytchinova  should know. As a former producer at ABC News with 20/20 and internationally in Toronto with CBC she has been on the receiving end of far too many bad pitches.

Kristina Doytchinova of D S Simon Media takes you into the mind of a producer to let you know what are the Top 5 Pitching Mistakes Producers Hate.

Spice Up Your Corporate Event or Trade Show Appearance with a Guinness World Record Attempt

Companies are often searching for ways to make corporate events less stale with initiatives that can boost morale and strengthen interoffice relationships. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media and Paul O’Neill, Vice President of Creative at Guinness World’s Records discuss how Guinness World Record attempts can not only generate positive media headlines but also serve as a great team building exercise for corporate events.

Paul’s VlogViews:

“What better way to cement and bond your team than to break a Guinness World Records title together?”

Record Title Guinness World Records Wants the Auto Industry to Broke:

Largest car horn ensemble (Four or five hundred people in a car playing to a conductor with their horn)

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