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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Building a Proper Communications Plan For Your Clients

Chris Winans, Executive Vice President, General Manager at Hill+Knowlton Strategies joined Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions at the PRSANY Big Apple Awards Gala. Mr. Winans presented the John W. Hill Award to Barri Friedman Rafferty, Senior Partner & CEO North America, Ketchum. He also discussed the changing role of technology in public relations campaigns and offered advice to younger pr pros.


“The ability to understand a client’s business problem. What is the business problem they are facing and then finding out what is the communications element to solve that problem.”

Advice from Chris Winans to younger public relations professionals:

“Be bold. The client most values the people with the most creative ideas and a willingness to think outside the box.”

“Don’t be afraid to speak up and say the things that need to be said.”

Changing role of technology:

We no longer talk about a single media relations solution. We talk about a paid, earned, owned, integrated media solutions. There are so many channels you cannot rely on a single approach.”

Media Influencers Series: Living in a Branded World

What is the impact of digital communications in the development and launch of successful branding campaigns? What are the tips and tactics for success?

Mike Bako of D S Simon Productions  was joined by leading public relations thought leaders for the Media Influencers Series Webcast: Living in a Branded World live from the DSS studio.

Joining Mike on the webcast sponsored by D S Simon, CommPro.Biz, and OnStream media were: Stacey Cohen, President, Co-Communications, Inc., Michael Levine, prolific writer of PR and marketing communications books including, Guerrilla PR, and A Branded World: Adventures in Public Relations and the Creation of Superbrands, Alan Siegel, one of the best-known and respected figures in the branding business.

To receive a copy of the Media Influencers Report go to www.Dssimon.com/Digital or email: digital@dssimon.com

Watch the full webcast below:

Utilizing All Digital Mediums to Tailor Your Message

Sheryl Jones, Global Head of Marketing, Investis, spoke with Doug Simon, D S Simon, at the PR News Social Media Conference about what’s next in digital communications and what you should be doing with your social channels.

Sheryl’s Top 3 Tips:

  1. Study your data, and not just the data from your social channels. Use Google Analytics to understand your website’s visitors, where they are coming from, what they’re doing on your site, etc. Use this data to tailor your social messages.
  2. Track your competitors’ social channels and be aware of what they’re doing, discussing and who is interacting with them.
  3. Media is looking to Twitter for story ideas. Take note of what media outlets or which reporters are following you, and message your tweets and posts accordingly.

Tips from JetBlue’s Social Media Strategist

Morgan Johnston, Manager Corporate Communications, Social Media Strategist, JetBlue, spoke with D S Simon’s Doug Simon at the PR News Social Media Conference about JetBlue’s successful social media campaigns and how you can take some of the same steps for your own organization.

Successful Social Strategies for Your Organization, from the guy behind JetBlue’s:

  • Social media is something anyone can do no matter the size of the organization, so long as you have the passion and interest in engaging with your customers.
  • Pay attention to people on social media that are discussing topics relevant to your business and get involved with these conversations.
  • Encourage your employees to join or lead conversations on social media as well.

Visuals Pack a Punch for Your Social Campaigns

Bev Yehuda, SVP, Operations & Digital Media, D S Simon, spoke with Doug Simon after her panel at the PR News Social Media Conference on visual storytelling and explained why video is so vital to any digital and social campaign.

Bev’s Key Takeaways:

  • Visuals pack a punch! People love visuals and are more likely to interact with a video.
  • Keep your messaging simple!
  • Content is king, but don’t forget a distribution plan.

How to Make Google Analytics Work for You

Krista Seiden, Analytics Advocate for Google, explains to Doug Simon, D S Simon, how you can leverage Google Analytics data for your company’s website or app.

Krista’s Favorite Google Analytics Features:

  1. UTM Tagging/Campaign Tracking: Helps you get more granular in your understanding of where people are coming from and what they’re doing on your website or app.
  2. Alerts: Alerts you to any change in visits or behavior on your site. Helps you understand if anything is going wrong, or if there’s any type of spike in traffic to your site, etc.
  3. Segmentation: Allows you to “slice-and-dice” data by geography, traffic source, etc.

Learn from the Team Leaders of Hotels.com & Finn Partners for Their Winning Integrated Social Media Campaign

Taylor Cole, Head of Public Relations, Hotels.com and Patrick Burek, Vice President, Consumer Practice, Finn Partners, tell Eric Wright, D S Simon, at the PR News Social Media Conference, what made their Line Waiter Campaign at SXSW so successful and how you can apply the same practices to a future campaign.

Lessons Learned:

  1. A great campaign is identifying a pain-point for your consumers that you can easily step in and offer a service. It can be as simple as waiting in line for your audience.
  2. This was a real-time activation that required real-time responses on the ground and on social media. Make sure you are clear and concise in communication with your followers and team.
  3. Be flexible!

Engagement Metrics: Beyond Favorites and Retweets

Nathan Strauss, Manager, Digital Corporate Communications, GE, speaks with Eric Wright, D S Simon, after his panel at the, “Are You a Good Social Listener on Twitter and Beyond?” about the importance of listening to your audience and how engagement metrics go beyond RTs and favorites.

Social Listening: Measuring Your Engagements

  1. There is not 1 magic number. Engagement metrics go much further than just reaching a certain number of impressions.
  2. You need to have a sense of context when analyzing data. Know who is interacting with you, how far the reach of the conversation and know this for your competitors as well.
  3. Keep your metrics consistent enough that you can compare numbers quarter to quarter and your brand versus your competitors.

Mystery, Incentive, Laughter, Empowerment: M.I.L.E. Metrics for your Social Strategy

Steve Shenbaum, Founder and President of Game On Nation and PR News Social Media Conference’s keynote speaker, spoke with D S Simon’s Eric Wright to explain how his MILE principal can be applied to your social strategy.

M. Mystery

I. Incentive

L. Laughter

E. Empowerment

“Use the M.I.L.E. metrics, and before you send out a message on a social channel, make sure you have a balance of all four concepts represented.” – Steve Shenbaum

Looking to Go Mobile?

Jereme Bivens, Digital Media Manager for The Rockefeller Foundation, spoke with Eric Wright, D S Simon, after his session at the PR News Social Media Conference on embracing the power of social mobility. Jereme shares how you can repurpose your existing content to maximize both social and mobile platforms.

3 ways to get the most out of your content for social and mobile platforms:

  1. Repurpose your existing content to be social and mobile friendly; pull quotes and stats from a longer article or study you’ve already done, edit existing video content so it’s appropriate for the different social platforms. You already have so much content, make sure you use it!
  2. Once you decide to tackle mobile platforms, always keep a social mindset. While writing a longer article or blog post, think of those quotes or stats that will be good to pull for Facebook or Twitter. If you produce video or audio, think of what 15 or 6 second clips would be great for Instagram and Vine.
  3. Get your internal team involved! Have everyone submit content or contribute ideas for your company’s social channels.