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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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How to Make Your Brand Pop on Facebook

Allan Gungormez, Enterprise Director of Social Media Strategy at Transamerica, spoke with D S Simon’s Eric Wright at the PR News Social Media Conference after his session “How to Make Your Brand Pop on Facebook.” Check out Allan’s key takeaways from his presentation and how you too can make your brand stand out on Facebook.

How to make your brand pop on Facebook:

  1. Keep Facebook’s algorithm in mind! It is comprised of weight, affinity and time decay and through those factors Facebook determines if your content gets placed on everyone’s newsfeed.
  2. Use Facebook’s insights and any third party tools that you have to understand if the content you’re posting is working, if the time you’re posting is the optimal time to post and if you’re reaching the correct audience.
  3. Focus on your data and use that to make well informed decisions.

How to be a Better Social Listener

Krisleigh Hoermann, Director of Operations/Digital and Social Media Consultant for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, spoke with Eric Wright, D S Simon, at the PR News Social Media Conference about social media listening and how your company or organization can benefit from this over-looked practice.

3 ways to be a better social listener:

  1. Pay attention to how your audience is discussing issues and topics within your niche. You want to be conversational and user-friendly.
  2. Listen to conversations and topics you might not be directly involved with but are still relevant to your cause and audience.
  3. Utilize metrics to help find and showcase the value of your organization’s social media accounts.