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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Top 5 Pitching Mistakes Producers Hate

Producers hate when media relations and public relations pros waste their time with bad pitches. What are some of the biggest gripes producers have? D S Simon’s Kristina Doytchinova  should know. As a former producer at ABC News with 20/20 and internationally in Toronto with CBC she has been on the receiving end of far too many bad pitches.

Kristina Doytchinova of D S Simon Media takes you into the mind of a producer to let you know what are the Top 5 Pitching Mistakes Producers Hate.

Spice Up Your Corporate Event or Trade Show Appearance with a Guinness World Record Attempt

Companies are often searching for ways to make corporate events less stale with initiatives that can boost morale and strengthen interoffice relationships. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media and Paul O’Neill, Vice President of Creative at Guinness World’s Records discuss how Guinness World Record attempts can not only generate positive media headlines but also serve as a great team building exercise for corporate events.

Paul’s VlogViews:

“What better way to cement and bond your team than to break a Guinness World Records title together?”

Record Title Guinness World Records Wants the Auto Industry to Broke:

Largest car horn ensemble (Four or five hundred people in a car playing to a conductor with their horn)

Record Titles Guinness World Records Wants Broken

Do you have what it takes to set a Guinness World Records title? Do you see the PR and engagement potential?

Paul O’Neill, VP Creative at Guinness World Records spoke with Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media about the records they’d like to see broken.

Why should you engage with Guinness World Records and D S Simon Media for your next record setting attempt? Paul explains four key elements that working with GWR brings:

-GWR has 55,000 records in the database and a host of experts in media and record breaking that can help map out the story.

-Get a GWR judge at your attempt. Helps amplification and also helps make the story newsworthy.

-Use the GWR name and logo usage in all your promotional efforts. It carries further for longer

-All adjudicators are media trained.

Communications Myth Busting with Suzanne Blackburn

Suzzanne Blackburn, public relations manager at Experian Marketing Services is an expert in executive communications, strategic public relations and thought leadership. With a keen focus on data-driven marketing and consumer insight, Suzanne discusses communication myths with D S Simon Media CEO and President Doug Simon. Together they identify and tackle institutional assumptions about timing, influencers and types of content in the PR sphere.


“PR is an industry, just like marketing that has been based for many years off of assumptions”- Suzanne

“Creating custom content for different media outlets is going to drive results and significantly increase media placement”- Doug

The Art of Selecting the Right Spokesperson

In today’s fast-moving world of the 24-hour news cycle and social media, companies are finding it tougher to choose the right person to represent their product or brand. Whether it’s a YouTube video, Satellite Media Tour, podcast or traditional radio, selecting the right talent for these channels is integral to disseminating your message to a targeted regional group or worldwide audience.


Getting your video to the public isn’t as easy at it may seem. How is it positioned? Are you pitching the right market? Is it even marketable? All of these questions are important, especially with numerous television outlets and social media channels to get the message out properly.

How to Be a Great Negotiator with Leigh Steinberg

Sports agent Leigh Steinberg has represented some of the biggest, best-paid names in professional football. He pushed the salaries of his big named clients like Drew Bledsoe, Troy Aikmen, and Steve Young to unheard of levels. What can you learn from him as a negotiator? Mike Bako, Marketing Director at D S Simon, gets insights from Leigh on the art of negotiating and how he is fighting back to resurrect his career after many years of personal turmoil.

Essential Rules of Negotiation:

*Align yourself with people who share your
*Learn all you can about the other party
*Establish a climate of cooperation, not conflict

Creating a Great RFP Response is Not as Hard as You Think

Creating compelling proposals to answer RFPs and secure new business can be tough, especially if you’re with a smaller or boutique firm going up against larger competitors that can offer a wider array of services to meet demands. But there are ways of standing out from that larger competition.

Jamie Claudio, Executive Producer of Client Services at D S Simon Media and Mike Bako, Marketing Director at D S Simon Media, discuss winning strategies for creating compelling RPF responses

You can read more on successful RFP responses from Jamie on O’Dwyer’s.com



Uber’s PR Nightmare After Kalamazoo Shootings

The long list of  public relations and crisis management blunders for Uber continues as they add the Kalamazoo shootings to their hall of shame. Social media pioneers Scott Monty and Richard Binhammer, along with digital, social and strategic video innovator Doug Simon offer their insight into what Uber did wrong, what they could and should do now, and what lessons brands can learn from Uber’s fail.

Jamie Claudio rejoins D S Simon in Executive Producer, Client Services Role as Firm Rolls Out New Service Offerings

Jamie Claudio has rejoined D S Simon Media as Executive Producer, Client Services. In her role, Claudio will help clients create campaigns that significantly increase media placements on television, radio and online. She will also play a key role in the firm’s development of new service offerings for agencies, organizations, and non-profits.

“Jamie has a unique understanding of producing content, developing pitches and what it takes to generate media placementssays Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media.

Claudio previously ran the D S Simon Satellite Media Tour Group, where she produced more than a thousand television news segments before exploring agency life where she generated significant national coverage for clients including placements on CNN and in USA Today and the NY Times. Most recently, she served as Director of Marketing for a lifestyle brand and was the main point of contact for more than 250 retailers.

“Being in the trenches with agencies and end clients and dealing with the media has provided me valuable insight into what elements go into creating an effective campaigns. I am thrilled to be bringing those lessons to back to D S Simon Media” says Claudio.

Why Trump’s Pick for VP Could Pave The Way to the White House

As Donald Trump bulldozes his way to the Republican nomination, Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media, explains  what Trump can do to virtually assure he would win the presidential race against Hillary Clinton.

Doug’s VlogViews:

“If Trump selects John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, even though he hasn’t preformed well in the primary, he’s someone who would not fire up the Democratic base to come out en masse and Trump will have a clear path to victory.