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Building a Proper Communications Plan For Your Clients

Chris Winans, Executive Vice President, General Manager at Hill+Knowlton Strategies joined Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions at the PRSANY Big Apple Awards Gala. Mr. Winans presented the John W. Hill Award to Barri Friedman Rafferty, Senior Partner & CEO North America, Ketchum. He also discussed the changing role of technology in public relations campaigns and offered advice to younger pr pros.


“The ability to understand a client’s business problem. What is the business problem they are facing and then finding out what is the communications element to solve that problem.”

Advice from Chris Winans to younger public relations professionals:

“Be bold. The client most values the people with the most creative ideas and a willingness to think outside the box.”

“Don’t be afraid to speak up and say the things that need to be said.”

Changing role of technology:

We no longer talk about a single media relations solution. We talk about a paid, earned, owned, integrated media solutions. There are so many channels you cannot rely on a single approach.”

Is the PR industry ready to embrace Acqui-hire?

Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions had the opportunity to speak with Brad Schwartzberg, Partner/Co-Chair Corporate at Davis & Gilbert acqui-hiring. Not sure what acqui-hiring is all about? Join Doug and Brad as they explain.

Acqui-hiring was born out of the tech industry and has been adopted by the PR industry to allow small to midsized firms to expand their revenue base with a blend of acquisition and hiring. It’s an opportunity that a lot of small firms don’t have the wherewithal to embark on a full scale acquisition so it’s a way for them to acquire with minimal risk.

Its an opportunity for smaller firms to align themselves with a larger organization, grow, take some risk capitol off the table and have an opportunity going forward.

Media Influencers Series: Living in a Branded World

What is the impact of digital communications in the development and launch of successful branding campaigns? What are the tips and tactics for success?

Mike Bako of D S Simon Productions  was joined by leading public relations thought leaders for the Media Influencers Series Webcast: Living in a Branded World live from the DSS studio.

Joining Mike on the webcast sponsored by D S Simon, CommPro.Biz, and OnStream media were: Stacey Cohen, President, Co-Communications, Inc., Michael Levine, prolific writer of PR and marketing communications books including, Guerrilla PR, and A Branded World: Adventures in Public Relations and the Creation of Superbrands, Alan Siegel, one of the best-known and respected figures in the branding business.

To receive a copy of the Media Influencers Report go to or email:

Watch the full webcast below:

Hillary Clinton uses video to announce 2016 Presidential bid

Hillary’s 2016 video looks a whole lot different than her announcement video 8 years ago. Eight years ago it was all Hillary, all the time. This time it was all controlled message.

In the video, she does not appear until after 90 seconds of images featuring personal stories of others, each describing how they are getting ready to start something new. She controlled the content by appearing on camera for nine seconds for four separate sound bites.

Hillary and her campaign used this technique to manage the messages and sound bites that would be used by media covering her announcement.

Her overall theme and message of “going small” might enable her to “go big”.

D S Simon releases Media Influencers Report

Communicators are missing out on significant opportunities to earn media with their content in the digital space. That conclusion is yielded from the 2015 D S Simon Media Influencers Report completed by the digital video communications firm D S Simon Productions.

Key findings included:

-76% of digital producers, journalists and bloggers use outside produced video content. Of these, 63% of them are more frequent users.

-We found 74% of respondents will post or link to your unedited video

-While 60% of digital producers, journalists and bloggers anticipate using more video next year, more than a third of those anticipate using much more

-Facebook (69%), Twitter (59%) and LinkedIn (33%) were the most common networks cited by producers who accept pitches via social media

D S Simon Introduces Digital Co-op SMTs

You asked for it. You’ve got it. An industry first as D S Simon offers Digital Co-op SMTs. Digital plus television is a powerful combination.

With our new services, you’ll get:

  • 100,000+ online digital video plays
  • 1,000,000+ views of your content
  • 10,000,000 audience guarantee cross-platform


Want more info about this exciting new development? Send us an email at

D S Simon CEO Hosts Webinar on The Brian Williams Trust Crisis

DSS CEO Doug Simon hosted “The Brian Williams Trust Crisis: A Critical Time for News Media” webinar for with panelists including: Richard Berman, Media Consultant and Former News Editor for the National NBC Nightly News; Steven Gaffney, CEO and President of Steven Gaffney Company, Jim Lukaszewski, President of the Lukaszewski Group Division of Risdall Marketing and Karin Kane, Chief Customer Officer of evolve24.

Discussion topics from the webinar included:
-Reputation management and the impact of this incident on parent company NBC’s bran
-Exploring the conversation and the emotions around the Brian Williams situation
-Sensationalism in today’s news broadcasts
-How the Internet can save American Journalism

Mourning David Carr

The NY Times Reporter David Carr was incredibly generous offering an interview off of one phone call. The advice he offered on video blogging is spot on today as he compared himself to David Pogue. He died yesterday at 58 and will be missed.

How Can Brian Williams Win His Job Back?

Doug Simon, D S Simon offers his views on what NBC Newscaster Brian Williams needs to do to salvage his journalistic integrity and regain his audience’s trust.

Doug’s Three Suggestions: 

— Brian should focus more on his responsibilities as a journalist and as a newscaster, and let go of his persona as a public figure in the entertainment arena.

— Brian should stay off of his nightly newscast for at least a week.

— Brian should make an appearance on the TODAY Show on Friday, Feb. 13 to announce that he will no longer make appearances on entertainment television programs in 2015.

Super Bowl Commercials: What Worked and What Didn’t

The game was the thing, boomers become relevant, Dads too, and did Nationwide want us to buy life insurance on our kids?

Two years ago I wrote a piece for Huff Post noting how few
Super Bowl ads were targeted to boomers. I criticized marketers for spending so much to market to younger people who had so little…cash. At that time the only time you saw someone with grey hair was when they were being made fun of. Times have changed. Most of this year’s ads targeted either a broad audience, boomers or parents in their 40’s.

Of the USA Today top 20 ads only Doritos was singularly focused on a younger audience with both its “When Pigs Fly” and “Middle Seat” spots. Even the Snickers “Brady Spot” harkened back to the 70’s. Car advertisers also targeted Boomers with BMW going with Bryant Gumble and Katie Couric to promote its electric car and Kia using Pierce Brosnan to show that a true super hero is the guy (with some grey in his hair) drives up to the big house at the top of the big mountain in his Kia with his beautiful  wife waiting for him. Fiat scored well with its Viagra spoof to show t

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