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Sarah Katz Promoted to VP, Business Development at D S Simon Productions

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions speaks with Sarah Katz about her recent promotion to VP, Business Development.  Sarah has been with the strategic video communications firm since 2007.  Today she manages the growing sales team, helping develop and promote new service offerings and advising clients on campaigns and strategy.

Sarah’s VlogViews:

“I’m really a facilitator between the different members of the sales team and our senior-level staffers to give them counsel on when to bring in different members for PRketing conversations, and offering more guidance as to what we can offer their clients, and how to get the support they need.”

“We’ve added a lot of new faces to the team—some industry veterans and some young people, as well. And it’s giving us a fresh perspective on what other services we can offer, as well as expanding our digital offerings.”

“In this transmedia environment, do clients want to be reaching out to traditional television reporters? Do they want to be online? If they are online, where do they want to be? Are we producing a completed video and pitching that? Are we pitching web interviews? There are so many different distributions outlets now. The key is identifying where consumers that they want to reach are, and counseling them on how to reach them.”

Liz LaBrasca Joins D S Simon Productions as Senior Director Client Services, Midwest Region

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Liz LaBrasca who recently accepted the position of Senior Director Client Services, Midwest Region, for the strategic video communications firm. Liz, who brings more than 25 years’ experience in marketing communications, has worked with clients in consumer goods, associations and not-for-profit organizations as well as healthcare and others.

Liz’s VlogViews:

“What I’ll do when I start talking with a client about a project is start from day one discussing what their goals are, what strategy they feel is going to be best for this and of course, I am going to guide them and let them know what exactly we have to offer.”

“While we are packaging it with digital distribution, because radio has a great listenership, it’s not going anywhere; it’s low-cost, it’s a great way to get your message out without putting a huge investment on it.”

“That’s why I really, really am happy to be here at D S Simon because we have so much to offer, and are very forward-thinking, and able to offer clients things that not everybody can, and that we are moving forward and changing with the way the industry has changed.”

Phil Rabin, Managing Editor of Capitol Communicator, on the Upcoming Convergence in Communications Conference

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On Friday, March 28th, communications professionals will meet in Arlington, VA for the Capitol Communicator’s Convergence in Communications Conference. Managing Editor of Capitol Communicator, Phil Rabin, speaks with Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, about the conference and what participants have to look forward to. D S Simon is a sponsor of the conference and Doug Simon is a panelist.

Phil’s VlogViews:

“Our goal is to provide communicators—be they in public relations, advertising, or marketing—with news and insights, career information, and information about developments in technology that impact them, the profession, and also their futures.”

“Many professional associations do sessions—educational sessions—on one or a few of the problems that are facing communicators and the sense of convergence and communications… and at the Capitol Communicator we decided to do a full day event to try to package up many of the changes in communications all in one place.”

“Our focus is not on what’s happened traditionally, but our focus is where is the media going?”

Tom Hessemer Joins D S Simon as Senior Client Services Director

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DOUG SIMON, President & CEO at D S Simon talks with TOM HESSEMER about his new role.

More VlogViews:

Tom Hessemer started his career at Viacom in television syndication. For nearly 20 years he has been consulting and strategizing with public relation executives at agencies, corporations and non-profit/trade associations. Tom enjoys the industry and says “clients are looking for a company and individuals to help collaborate with them early on in their planning process.”

Tom brings in expertise of effective uses of radio and PSAs in the digital age. He was most recently at News Broadcast Network for eight years after stints at MultiVu (a PRNewswire company) and WestGlen Communications. He is excited to join the D S Simon Productions team.



To Link To Post: www.vlogviews.com/2014webinfluencerssurvey

Did you know:

-81% of online media sites use third-party video

-92% find story leads through your and other organizations’ social media sites

We’ve designed D S Simon’s 2014 Web Influencers Survey to help you get maximum PRketing® value from your Video Content, Brand Journalism and Social Media. It provides critical information for CMO’s, CCO’s, Agency heads and their staffs.

Insights include:

-How web media outlets are using video

-Topic areas of interest for web influencers

-How web influencers are acquiring content

-Using social media as a pitching tool

-Key insights into turning your content into earned media


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Check out the discussion Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions recently had with Howard Bragman, Vice Chairman of Reputation.com, the world’s leading online reputation management firm on what to look for this year in the PR landscape, the latest in strategic video communications and career advice. The enlightening conversation was a apart of CommPRO.biz’s “In The Office” series.

Bragman was involved as PR council to Michael Sam, an NFL prospect who recently came out as gay. An article in Outsports details Sam’s coming out and the role Bragman played in the announcement. Check out the article here: http://alturl.com/fn8bg

Highlights include Howard’s take on the Governor Christie scandal, Justin Bieber’s recent run ins with the police and the process of starting a successful businesses in communication. Enlightening parts of Howard’s & Doug’s conversation included being a “creative” and “suitR

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To Link To Post: www.vlogviews.com/lindseybastani/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager at D S Simon Productions talks with Lindsey Bastani, Account Director for Waggener Edstrom Worldwide at the PR News Media Relations Conference on the importance of challenging your employees to lead the edge and try new tactics at a time when the PR industry is rapidly evolving.

Lindsey Bastani’s Vlog Views:

“Our industry is changing so rapidly we have to make sure to embrace the people under us to make sure we’re all moving up at a fast enough pace. I definitely find myself in a position of pushing my leaders to lead the edge a little bit and try new things at the same time I need to make sure to listen to the team under me who has a new perspective on things and new tactics to try.”

“Sometimes the best advice is to pull back a little bit and make sure you are finding the right channel. What I tend to do is try to bring the outside in. Look at what other brands have done that are similar to this brand they are hoping to have a conversation with on social media and give them some examples of other ways they can be doing it with more impact.”

“I think it’s just the continual trend of converging PR with other aspects of the discipline that tell our story. Whether it’s digital marketing, I think owned and content marketing is a really huge p

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Doug Simon President and CEO of D S Simon Productions speaks with Ray Kotcher, Senior Partner and Chairman of Ketchum and recent PR News Hall of Fame Inductee on remembering the basic elements of public relations and how to thrive as the industry’s landscape undergoes significant changes.

Ray Kotcher’s Vlog Views:

“There’s no doubt that the business has changed tremendously in so many ways in the more than 30 years that I’ve been at this, but a lot of things have not changed. Obviously we’re going through profound change in human communication and the way we communicate with each other, all of which driven by technology and changes in media. But some things haven’t changed like the power of the idea and the importance of storytelling and I would say the importance of really deeply rooted strong values.”

“It seems stories that have a bit of fiction mixed into them, if not all fiction, are stories that are receiving the most notice on the Internet.”

“I think we need really careful, particularly in this business, we talk about the cynicism and the way people look at public relations. It’s a noble profession and it’s a great profession. I think we need to make sure we tell the truth and we tell it well and if we can do that I think the future for

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions talks with Howard Rubenstein, President of Rubenstein Associates and the latest PR News Hall of Fame Inductee on the role mentoring and leading an ethical lifestyle had in helping his career flourish.

Howard Rubenstein Vlog Views:

“When I broke into public relations fifty-nine years ago, I was looked down upon I decided to I’ll go to law school at night and become a lawyer. Well I did that, graduated first of my class and was sworn in as assistant council to the House Judiciary Committee. I tried law and PR, they let me do both and I decided on PR; a crucial decision that worked out really well.”

[On success in being a good public relations advisor and strategist]: “Read a lot, understand news, learned the techniques of writing and placing, be friendly with people, be curious, be a participant in the environment, join what you can, be a great observer, be a good commentator and love what you want to do.”

“Mentoring is really important. When I first broke in, my father was my mentor and he taught me an interesting thing. He was a journalist and worked for the New York Herald Tribune. He said ‘if you lead an ethical life, people will trust you. They won’t have to go be

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Mike Bako, Director of Sports Marcomm at D S Simon Productions speaks with Jon Schwartz, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing Communications for NASCAR at the PR News Media Relations Summit on how NASCAR is broadening its appeal while staying true to their brand.

Jon Schwartz’s Vlog Views:

“We have the best fans in the world and they are the most loyal fans in the world and they understand the most important thing to them is the product on the track. We are working very hard to improve that core product by making our racing closer and more exciting.”

“Making our young drivers stars before they really are stars is what our job is. Helping our fans understand where they came from, what their interests are and who they are as a person. Trevor Bayne won the 2011 Daytona 500. He was a 19-year-old kid who was skateboarding in the morning and quite frankly he won the race and no one really knew who he was. It’s our job to help our fans, our new fans and anyone watching casually understand the stories behind these drivers, who they are, as they are going up through the ranks.”

“Good ideas can come from anywhere. Part of our job as a sanctioning body of our sport is to lead our sport, to drive creative thinking and to inspire the indus

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