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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report



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Kyle McKenzie of D S Simon Productions talks with Joan Cear, Vice President of Kellen Communications and former President of New York Women in Communications foundation at the New York Tech PR Holiday Party on how technology is altering the public relations industry and the impact it will have on the everyday consumer.

Joan Cear’s Vlog Views:

“There’s been tremendous change in the PR industry and how we’re using technology ourselves and the offerings we can give our clients in terms of digital solutions, how we’re using electronic imagery, videos, photos, so you know, tremendous change. I think we are just really scratching the surface.”

“It’s no longer about the press release, we all know that. It’s the integration between traditional PR, social media and paid digital. Of course agencies are getting more and more into paid digital, so it’s how we are using the platforms out there to benefit our clients. Add to that is how do we return on the investment they are making and it’s our ability to analyze what’s happening and see how it’s moving the needle for our clients.”

“I don’t think people necessarily want more devices, I think people want smarter devices. We want to carry less and be less encumbered. The last iPad that came out is very thin, very light so people

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D S Simon Productions was on scene as NBA all-time great Shaquille O’Neal and Toys “R” Us helped spread holiday cheer to kids in the Atlanta area. This was part of the partnership between Toys “R” Us and Shaq celebrating “Shaq-A-Claus” which aired as a a part of TNT’s coverage of the NBA.


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Jim Delaney, CEO of MARKETWIRED interviewed Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions on how to use video to share your brand’s story and influence consumer behavior. This video first appeared on the ears-Delaney YouTube Channel.

Doug Simon’s Vlog Views:

“What’s evolved is how consumers—audiences—consume content; it’s dramatically changed. What we see now is video is clearly the most powerful means of communication. It’s how people want content. People are… I don’t want to say they’re lazy, but they don’t like reading as much. If given the choice, they’ll watch video versus reading. So, as brands, you have to be aware of that and identify what’s the content that will resonate with your audience.”

“We’re used to writing copy in the PR industry, so instead of thinking about, ‘Okay, what do we want them to say?’, change it to ‘What do we want to show? What are we going to demonstrate?’ and what you’ll find is the copy actually flows naturally from what you’re demonstrating, what you’re showing and it makes you more creative and more effective as a communicator.”

“As an employee, you have to be aware of creating your brand. Make sure it stands out within your organi

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Mike Bako on Fox Business: EA drops Tiger Woods from video game

Mike Bako, Sports Editor of Daily National.com, appears on Fox Business to discuss the news that Electronic Arts has dropped Tiger Woods as lead endorser of its PGA video game.


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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions speaks with Jeff Corbin, CEO of theCOMMSapp and KSCA Strategic Communications on the emergence of smart phone applications and the vital role they play in establishing a brand and pushing out content.

Jeff Corbin’s Vlog Views:

“I started out in the industry in 1997 and back then we had great new technology that was kind of unraveling and it was called the internet and it’s kind of amazing to think that it was only 15 years ago that the internet was becoming commercialized; that companies were then just starting to think about having a website. Well fast forward, now every company has a website and if you don’t have a website then you’re not real.”

“Back in 2007, 2008, we said you know there’s something pretty remarkable that’s occurring which is these mobile devices are proliferating everywhere and Apple and Google, they seem to be on to something kind of interesting. It’s called these ‘apps’ which at the time they were fun and games, but you could just kind of tell the way in which ‘apps’ were multiplying that there was something more there.”

“Mobile computing is a totally separate platform as compared to the desktop, desktop computing. We know w

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To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/americaneagleoutfitters/

MIKE BAKO, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with IRIS YEN, Vice President Communications for American Eagle Outfitters about the company’s new mobile strategy at the PRNews Digital PR Summit.

Iris Yen’s Vlog Views:

“American Eagle Outfitters has transformed our strategy. We’re considering mobile as our future flagship. When you think flagship, a lot of people think brick and mortar stores, but we know that we need to be where our customers are. Where our demographic is, is online.”

“It’s important to constantly discover the new and greatest things out there. So we are constantly monitoring. We were one of the first brands to join Vine for instance, and I think that we have a really savvy marketing team that’s always on the lookout for what’s new and upcoming.”


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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with Stephen Payne, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Feld Entertainment on how he helped mold the brand the Ringing Brothers to appeal to a Hispanic audience.

Stephen Payne’s Vlog Views:

“The Hispanic population of the U.S. is one of the fastest growing and Ringling Brothers is a 144 year old institution so we really wanted to make sure as we reached out to this particular demographic in the United States that we were genuine. We were talking to them in their language, with the correct voice, respecting their culture and at Ringling Brothers we bring together so many different cultures under the greatest show on Earth banner it was easy to find people within the circus who already had that story that would resonate with that audience.”

“One of the things we have to make sure we do is that we’re true to the audiences were talking to so for example Taba is Argentinian, I would not have him go to Miami and speak as if he were a Cuban. Same thing holds true, I would not have our Argentinian performers go to Los Angeles and go to Mexican-American heritage day. It wouldn’t make sense. It has to be true to the audience and the messa

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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with Tina Elmowitz, Partner and Executive VP of rBB Public Relations on the ins and outs of having your brand appeal to the Hispanic demographic.

Tina Elmowitz’s Vlog Views:

“It’s telling a story, it’s playing to the emotions, finding a tie back to Hispanic culture so that it makes sense for that audience.”

“Taba is the first Hispanic tiger trainer, really the first Hispanic animal trainer for Ringing Brothers, but he also travels with his wife and his children. He still maintains an incredible piece of heritage and his ties and his culture from Chile that he takes on the road with him. From the food he eats to speaking Spanish in home to the culture he teaches his children every morning and then he also ties back this incredible piece of Ringling history together where these animals are his family. He wakes up the first thing he does is say good morning to the tigers and so it’s pulling this story together that made people just fall in love with him and made him the perfect spokesperson.”

“The ROI of this (having Taba as spokesperson) was increased ticket sales which means increased audiences and that mean

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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with Marie-Josee Gagon, President of CASACOM on the importance of integrated public relations and marketing campaign when launching a new product.

Marie-Josee Gagon’s Vlog Views:

“Working with not only the marketing team and all the other partners who were apart of this big launch but also the other business sectors within the business, so the product research, product innovation team, the HR team, you know working with everyone so that we can build something that would be a success.”

“It was an 18 month preparation. We had two tracks at the same time. The issue management track identifying and mitigating issues and the other one that was the positive track, the one that would be launching an incredible product in the market with a lot of excitement and differentiation.”

“This is not a lot of time. In fact, this is half the time you would have to launch a new brand. This is a new of yogurt products so it usually takes something like 30 months and we did it in 18 months so that was pretty fast and the other thing is that we did it in context that was extremely demanding. One thing that I have to point out is the fa

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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with Mickey Nall, APR, Fellow PRSA on the importance and future of APR.

Mickey Nall’s Vlog Views:

“For 49 years, PRSA and our partners through the Universal Accreditation Board have established a credential that is the standard for the industry that measures your ability to conduct research, define objectives, promote and develop a campaign and most importantly then evaluate that campaign based on measureable objectives. The APR is a credential that helps our practitioners if you will, understand their standards to the practice of public relations and if you follow those standards you’re committed to doing your work in the most effective and ethical way.”

“We spent some time this year looking at the credential, I mean it’s 50 years old and seeing what we need to do to it to strengthen the APR and we hired a consultant who went out and did some great research. We did research on our own membership, non-members, people outside the profession and people who hire in the profession to see what they’re looking for and what they need in practiti

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