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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Mike Bako on WPIX: NFL week one review

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, and syndicated radio show host Joe Spano, appear on the WPIX Morning News to offer analysis of week one in the NFL season and to review a win by the Jets and a loss by the Giants.

Mike Bako on Al Jazeera America: NFL concussion lawsuit

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, appears on Al Jazeera America to discuss the $750 million dollar settlement in the NFL concussion case between the league and players.

Building Brand You

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/cyndeewoolley/

MIKE BAKO, Marketing Manager of D S SIMON, speaks with CYNDEE WOOLLEY, Author and Public Relations & Branding Specialist at C2 COMMUNICATIONS, about her new book Building Brand You.

Cyndee Woolley’s Vlog Views:

“The biggest thing that people need to realize is that there is no personal life and professional life…it’s your life. So when you put on these multiple platforms, you need to select which ones you’re going to use, use them well and be conscious that what you’re putting up there is available to your personal friends and it’s available to your boss at all times. Google sees everything.”

“With screenshots and FaceTime, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re chatting one to one, that person could always be recording, even if it’s illegal, and you can’t recover from that.”

“I just don’t think there are enough hours in the day to be in every platform. What I really recommend is that you pick three that you can do really well and then, once you’re comfortable and you’ve got that down, then start selectively adding the next step.”

Mike Bako on Fox News : Serena Williams Rape Comments in Rolling Stone

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, appears on Fox Report to discuss the comments made by Serena Williams in Rolling Stone.

Women and Career Success: CommPro.Biz Webinar with Linda Descano and Doug Simon

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/womencareerswebinar/

DOUG SIMON, CEO & President of D S SIMON, discusses how ambitious women can find success and with LINDA DESCANO, Managing Director at CITI and President & CEO of CITI’S WOMEN & CO.

In this webinar, Doug and Linda discuss Citi and LinkedIn’s second annual Today’s Professional Woman Report- a survey that explores women’s biggest obstacles to career advancement, financial success and work satisfaction. Linda and Doug explore the biggest obstacles facing women in the workplace and how they can best position themselves for career success all while figuring out how to “have it all.”

The New Era In Strategic Video Communications

We’re entering a new era in Strategic Video Communications. It’s one that places increasing importance on visual storytelling and effective distribution through earned, paid and owned channels.

It’s not just that 182 million Americans watch 21 hours of video a month according to ComScore. As Katrina Klier of Accenture noted, during a webinar I participated in with her, video has become an increasingly popular tool in the C-Suite.

According to a Forbes/Google study, 75% of C-Suite Executives watch work-related corporate videos online weekly. Even more so when you consider it was from 2010.

Content Marketing and Brand Journalism are not only buzzwords but important tools in the communications arsenal and a key reason digital shops have become acquisition targets. Increasingly, we see traditional PR firms trying to enter our space as Strategic Video Communications firms. There will be growing acquisition activity for firms that show excellence in Strategic Video Communications.


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Are the Biggest Roadblocks to Women’s Career Success Their Own?

A quick google search found “women workplace issues” showing 50 times more results than a similar search for “Men workplace issues.” Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has stirred a cultural pot with her excellent book “Lean In.” And now Citi and LinkeIn have released a new survey where women reveal their biggest roadblocks to Career satisfaction.

I’m excited to be hosting Linda Descano CFA® Managing Director and Head of Digital Partnerships, Content and Social, North America Marketing, Citi, and President and CEO, Women & Co. in a free CommPro.biz webinar.

Are the Biggest Roadblocks to Women’s Career Success Their Own?

What are the best ways for ambitious women to find success?

How much depends on your industry?

Linda will address those questions, discuss the surveys key findings and help women navigate the corporate jungle gym and navigate to the top. There’ll even be great tips for men.

How to Establish Thought Leadership in the Healthcare Industry

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/tommitchell/

DOUG SIMON, President & CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, speaks with TOM MITCHELL, VP of marketing at HEALTHTECH HOLDINGS, about establishing thought and value leadership in the healthcare industry.

Tom Mitchell’s VlogViews:

“When we talk about thought leadership we really position it as value leadership, the value that we can bring the industry through our solutions and our different products and services that we have. So the value today, for instance, is getting our customers and establishing them for meaningful use, readying them for meaningful use requirements under ACA (Affordable Care Act) and the American Recovery Reinvestment Act.”

“First and foremost we want to make sure our customers are taken care of…preparing them, again, for meaningful use and enabling them to receive the incentives that are out there from the government is key. So, from a communications standpoint it’s communicating that value, communicating what’s required and then the solutions that’s required from us to enable them to meet their incentive requirements under the American Recovery Reinvestment Act.”

“We’re communicating via social media, we’re growing that, we’re growing ou

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How Communicators Must Adapt to an Evolving Healthcare Industry

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/brandonedwards/

DOUG SIMON, President & CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, speaks with BRANDON EDWARDS, CEO at REVIVEHEALTH, about the issues facing professional communicators in the healthcare industry following healthcare reform.

Brandon Edwards’s VlogViews:

“I think the discussion revealed a couple things: One, so much focus on the ACA (Affordable Care Act), when in fact really there are three things that are really driving industry change right now. The ACA is one of them, fundamental economic change is the other and fundamental demographic change is the other. And all of those have huge implications for how our clients navigate the healthcare industry and its change and how we help to counsel them in that process.”

“I think the biggest issue right now is the way we have marketed and communicated the healthcare space for the past 20 years is fundamentally not going to work anymore.”

“Ultimately, we feel like progressive, successful organizations are thinking about how they communicate about health-related issues, even if they’re not healthcare companies. Every employer in America who’s providing insurance has a stake in the success of its health initiatives.”

How to Best Communicate with Patients Following Healthcare Reform

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/paulwood/

DOUG SIMON, President & CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, speaks with PAUL WOOD, CCO at UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH MEDICAL CENTER, about the new challenges of communicating with patients following recent healthcare reform.

Paul Wood’s VlogViews:

“With healthcare reform, what we call ‘the new normal’ now, we know that reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid are declining, we know that insurance companies are ratcheting down utilization of care, so we have to find a way, as professional communicators, to let our patients and the organization as a whole know that healthcare reform is upon us, whether we want it or not. It is here. It is very active.”

“What that requires from a professional communicators standpoint is, if you haven’t already done it or if organizations haven’t thought about it, is establishing a patient experience communications-type function where you can establish the relationship with the patient so that the patient knows, going forward, that the organization is looking out for them, understands what they need to do on a continuity of care, that there is follow up in the organization.”

“People come out of college with degrees in journalism or public relations or commu

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