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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report



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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, is joined by Carolina Guana, Multicultural Group Account Director at Allison+Partners, to discuss the ways in which you can demystify the Hispanic PR paradigm and what are some of the best practices for reaching out to the Hispanic marketplace.

Carolina Guana’s VlogViews:

“The Hispanic market is not just one market; it is several segments of the market. If you want to reach the market you need to address specific segments and see who are the ones that you need to target for your product or service. Secondly, to reach the Hispanic market it’s not just about public relations or media relations, it’s a full integrated approach. It is about understanding the media, building relationships with community organizations, business organizations and partnerships. All of that is what is really going to resonate with the market.”

“You also need to be culturally sensitive to the market, to learn the market, study it and learn the nuance’s of it. If you are going to go into a market you really need to research it, address it and really look at your clients infrastructure.”


Super Bowl Marketing and Communications Review

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Here were some of the top stories of Super Bowl Marketing: -Ads that targeted older or a wider audience scored the best -There was a significant difference in how organizations handled what I call the pre-game show (generating advance promotion for their campaign without ruining a surprise). -Celebrities didn’t score big. -Of course, the blackout

The Wall Street Journal Ad Bowl Top 3 featured the Jeep Chrysler Ad. Taco Bell. Viva Young and the Ram Truck Farmers ad featuring the voice of the late Paul Harvey. It’s no accident these all targeted a wide or older demographic. As I noted in my pre-game blog on Huffington Post, marketers overwhelmingly ignored the 50+ crowd. The results showed that to be a mistake.

I’ve called it the pre-game show—how marketers create buzz for their campaigns in advance of the SuperBowl. Century 21 went with the traditional “how we made the ad” which felt dated. Three samples of successful integrations were Taco Bell which featured, an older man going through agility drills in a medical mobility scooter in its pre-game setting the stage for the older crowd hitting Taco Bell for a big night out in the during game spot. As many older folks are on a fixed income, a night out at Taco Bell is within reach. It was a well-targeted and well executed campaign.

An excellent comparison is how Mercedes

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To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/ashleywalters/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, speaks with Ashley Walters of Powerhouse Factories www.powerhousefactories.com at the PRSA International conference in San Francisco where she discusses some techniques to use when reaching out to bloggers and web influencers. 

Ashley Walter’s VlogViews:

“Identify the right bloggers. Doing your research and doing your homework and following them for a period of time to get know their likes and dislikes and what they’re looking for from a brand is really important, and from there it’s about building the relationship .”



To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/nicoleravlin/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, speaks with Nicole Ravlin  of PMG at the PRSA International conference in San Francisco and discuss tools learned at the conference that help when dealing with clients. 

Nicole Ravlin’s VlogViews:

“Rethink strategy; Where are you going and what are the tools that will help you to get to your end goal, and helicoptering up and re-planning. Sit down and plan, and then pull the elements of what you learned at the conference that will help you in the short term.”



To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/genochurch/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, speaks with Geno Church of Brains on Fire Brains on Fire at the PRSA International conference in San Francisco about the use of social media and getting back to basics.

Geno Church’s VlogViews:

“Let’s step back and find out what’s really a value to the brand, to your customers, to your employees, and see if we can find a strategy first and then we’ll find some tools that can play out that strategy. It’s trying to go back, it’s what we say we do but do we really participate with people, do we really have conversations that we listen to and we try find a way to turn that into a really measured strategy.”



To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/karafeigeles/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions speaks to Kara Feigeles Kara Feigeles, Senior News Editor of Life & Style Magazine, about the increased use of social media as a tool to find story ideas and sources. This information backs up findings from the 2012 Web Influencers Survey conducted by D S Simon Productions.

Kara Feigeles’ VlogViews:

“Twitter is the number one place we go to in order to find story ideas, find out what is going on, everything on Twitter happens so quickly. Something that you didn’t have 30 seconds ago you have 30 seconds later.”

“Everything now is real time. There is no more grace period or lag. In the last month the trend of using social media has become even more important.”



To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/carolinaguana2/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, is joined by Carolina Guana, Multicultural Group Account Director at Allison+Partners, to discuss the ways that firms and companies can use social media to reach the Hispanic marketplace.

Carolina Guana’s VlogViews:

“Studies are showing that the Hispanic community is using social media more than non-Latinos. They are, by nature, very social engaged and socially engaged.”

“The two platforms that are most popular right now are Facebook and Twitter. It is like a swell, once you get it out there the wave will take over with one friend posting to another.”



To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/jaydedapper/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, is joined by Zazoom Founder, Jay DeDapper at the PCNY Luncheon to discuss the mainstreaming of digital video outlets.

Jay’s VlogViews:

“It’s really hard to invent a brand from scratch. There are distribution platforms out there to start on like YouTube, MSN, AOL, and Yahoo so you can build a presence and an audience on those platforms. Once you do that you can then hope to drive them back to your site. Out of the gate it is very difficult to do without a lot of money.”

“Once your audience has discovered you on another platform, you need to give them a reason to return to your site so it has to be original content that they cannot find anywhere else.”

Inauguration Speech Review: President Obama Outlines His Agenda And Challenges For Second Term

President Obama recognizes the challenges that he faces during his second term and with that in mind he did not spend a lot of time on faux partisanship but instead focused on the issues.

Obama’s speech was firmly rooted in the current issues that we as a country are facing but he was able to do a very effective job of referencing past struggles and challenges that the nation has faced as an indication of what can happen when leaders reach across party lines to work together.

Ultimately, Obama gets high marks for putting the ball back in the Republicans court and setting them up in the mind of the American public as the obstacle to the change and progress that is needed. Like it or not, that is the message that he has been effective in communicating and now realizes that being President is a full time campaign on ideas.


To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/michaelsteele/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, reports from the PRSA International conference in San Francisco where he got a chance to speak with Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele .

Michael Steele’s VlogViews:

“Stay consistent and stay persistent. You know the market and are presumably closer to the ground than your client is.”

“The future is on mobile devices. For those participating in PR devices need to be your bread and butter in the way you get your message out and communicate your client’s news. You need to tap into the way that the American public wants to get its news, what they click on, and where they donate to.”

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