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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


How to Create Unique Value and Build a Competitive Edge For Your Clients

To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/romkedehaan/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, speaks with Romke de Haan, Partner at Spreenkler about digital innovation and strategy.

Romke de Haan’s VlogViews:

“Essentially what we do is digital innovation and strategy.  So our relationship with Kohl’s is to help come up with ideas to help them stay ahead of the rest of the retailers in the industry, but also stay ahead of the disrupters.  So how does a Birchbox or a Trunk Club interfere with a big retailer, and what ideas can we make that are unique enough to offer value to our customer?”

“We don’t try to follow along and just mimic them, because that would just be copying.  What we try to do is find a unique value add to their customers to provide something that will offer them value and be a competitive advantage.”

“A lot of times, companies depend on their senior team to come up with ideas and do strategy, and we rely on the entire company to do that, so that’s really helped us figure out some really unique ideas to get someone who just came into the company, doesn’t know anything about the industry or anything about technology, come up wi

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Broadway Spiderman and Taylor Swift’s Video Love Interest Spins His Web With Doug Simon

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/reevecarney/

Doug Simon,  President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, talks with Reeve Carney, star of Spiderman Turn off the Dark about the shows 1,000th performance.

Reeve Carney’s VlogViews:

“I definitely didn’t expect that I’d be here 1,000 performances in, so I didn’t necessarily know what to think about the show.  I always thought it would be successful, but we did go through a rough patch.   I think it’s the nature of the character Peter Parker and Spiderman that I think keeps people coming back for more because he is just the everyman who happens to have superhuman abilities.”

“You can relate to Spiderman more because he really comes from such a great place.  I love a lot of superheroes, but he’s completely human, so he has that humanity to him that makes you want to route for him as you would route for the underdog, which our show at one point sort of was, so it kind of all connected and I think it made the success feel that much better 1,000 performances in.”

How Innovative Ideas Create Unforgettable Experiences

To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/jeffreyory/

Katie Brinkley,  Account Executive in D S Simon’s DC office, talks with Jeffrey Ory, President of  il Stratega (“the strategist” in Italian) a full-service communication and marketing firm in New Orleans about using innovative ideas to create unforgettable experience. Brinkley and Ory spoke at the 2013 PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference.

Jeffrey Ory’s VlogViews:

“I think the big thing is risk.  People are just scared to take a chance.”

“For some reason, somewhere within our childhood, we lose this inhibition just to have fun and be creative and be excited about life.  I don’t quite know when it happens, but it happens, and that’s where the whole thing with risk comes in.”

“I think every person has creativity built inside of them.  It’s just taking the time and the risk to be able to fulfill it.”


To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/myraborshoffcook/

Jim O’Reilly, Regional Vice President of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Myra Borshoff Cook, founder of Borshoff Communications at the 2013 PRSA Health Academy Conference.

Myra’s Vlog Views:

“I think that for the agency it’s all about engagement, and I learned a long time ago that even though I was the founder I was not the queen of the agency and that other people needed to be involved and not just in the delivery of services to clients but also in the overall running of the agency.  So, we have people that are involved in all different aspects, whether or not it’s their specific job or not.  I think that that has made the biggest difference and Indianapolis as a city is terrific and has attracted many many young people who see it as a growing vibrant community.”

“We have been in the business of working with health care institutions for as long as we have been in business.  We also have had the good fortune to work with Eli Lilly, a large prominent organization, not just here but around the world and so we have had great opportunities to learn about the importance about healthcare and healthcare delivery systems.”


To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/jeffreywinton/

Jim O’Reilly, Regional Vice President of D S Simon Productions,, spoke with Jeffrey Winton, Vice Present of Global Communications for Eli Lilly at the 2013 PRSA Health Academy Conference Global Corporate Communications.

Jeffrey’s Vlog Views:

“As we try to get our arms around what’s needed to be done from a global communications standpoint it was critical to have some rigor and some formalized approaches so that we could gather the input that was necessary and to talk to the people that would ultimately help us determine what the path forward would be”

“We’re a top ten pharmaceutical company, a top five animal health company and our goal now is to be a little more bold about telling our story and getting the word out to ultimately make sure that all patients have access to our medications.”


To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/matthewholt/

Jim O’Reilly, Regional Vice President of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Matthew Holt,  Co-Chairman of Health 2.0 at the 2013 PRSA Health Academy Conference about technology and healthcare.

Matthew’s Vlog Views:

“There are now multiple tools you can use today to track activity, lots and lots of different online tools, apps and some physical tools to start tracking in a diet and now we’re getting some really interesting tools.  I just showed a live core, basically it turns the iPhone into an EKG so doing very detailed  medical testing on your iPhone or Android.  On the clinician side what’s happening is that more and more clinicians are using iPads and iPhones and android devices and whatever in their everyday life.”

“What’s actually going to be happening in the next couple of years is the demand to more easy to use tools and better population health management, dashboards. It’s actually going to transform how clinicians manage their patient populations and use technology.”


TO LINK TO POST: http://www.vlogviews.com/davidushery

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager at D S Simon Productions, had the opportunity to speak with WNBC news anchor David Ushery at the 2013 PRSANY Big Apple Awards Gala. Ushery was the recipient of the PRSANY Award for Excellence in Journalism.

David Ushery’s VlogViews:

“Ultimately what the challenges are for now is credibility and authenticity.”

“The best thing someone can say to me is “I watch you because I believe you.” That is very sacred to me. No matter what the story, no matter the challenge, you try to deliver that same level of fact checking and storytelling.”

“Building relationships is and vetting is so important. Know who you are dealing with. If this person is presenting this then you know you can take it to the bank.”

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TO LINK TO POST:  http://www.vlogviews.com/edelmantrustbarometer

Jim O’Reilly, Regional Vice President of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Cathy Barry-Ipema, Senior Vice President at Edelman Chicago at the 2013 PRSA Health Academy Conference about Edelman’s Trust Barometer.

Cathy’s Vlog Views:

“What we have found for the results is that there’s a real crisis in leadership.”

“People feel that Leaders aren’t being honest, not being transparent. If there’s a problem they’re not saying that there’s a problem they’re not saying that there’s a problem. They’re not trusting, I think People overall are not trusting Government officials, they’re not trusting business leaders that they’re telling them everything.”

“We’re really counseling organizations that they need to really look at how they’re engaging all of their key stakeholders. I think with the advent of social media, that alone, twitter… Twitter is driving a lot of the noise.
We know that traditional media is getting information from twitter. Who’s controlling twitter, everyone.”

Is Jason Collins Marketable? : Mike Bako on Fox Business

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager at D S Simon Productions and Sports Editor of DailyNational.com, appears on Fox Business to discuss the marketability of Jason Collins after he announced that he was gay.


To Link To Post:  http://www.vlogviews.com/adrianagiuliana/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, spoke with Adriana Giuliani, Creative & Strategic Planning at DevRies, at PR News’ The Big 3 Conference  about what social media tools you need to create and measure your campaigns.

Adriana’s VlogViews:

“What we like to start first with is what are you trying to achieve. All of these tools on the Internet allow us to have a lot of listening right now. There is so much data at our disposal. The best way to make meaning from that data is to put it into two buckets. There are macro listening tools that can inform your planning and then on the other side you have your real time listening tools that allow you to listen to the stream of conversations going on in the social space. You can then activate and respond to those.”

“Two things that we would look at for a starting place to figure out what success should look like to a campaign would be previous benchmarks, what have the success metrics looked like and how we would benchmark against that and also competitors in the larger category and try to push ahead of that.”