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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report



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Mike Bako, of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Gideon Amichay, former CCO at Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R, Israel, at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards about the weeklong judging process leading up to the ceremony and how to pick the most notable and award worthy work out of hundreds of entries. 

Mike Bako recently joined D S Simon Productions, Inc. as Account & Marketing Manager.  He can be reached via email at mikeb@dssimon.com

Gideon’s VlogView:

“Sometimes it’s just because different people have different ideas and a different way to analyze those kind of things.  And sometimes it’s about a vision… As a juror I wanted to award more project[s] which in ten years are going to be really part of the history of advertising.”


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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, caught up with Diane Ruggie, former Senior Vice President , Group CD of DDB, at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards on what makes the best advertising work and why. 

Diane’ VlogView:

“But I love work that touches my heart, that really speaks to your humanity, that makes you feel like you understand it as a human being, it touches your soul.”


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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, chatted with Mark Tutssel, Chief Creative Officer for Leo Burnett Worldwide, at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards  about seeking advertising ideas that raised the bar and set new standards during the judging process. 

Mark’s VlogView:

“ Ideas of old are always rooted in what a product is and what a product does, but I believe modern day ideas are rooted in what a product means, the value they create in people’s lives, I call that the human purpose of a brand, the purpose brand serves in people’s lives, and ideas rooted in purpose have the ability to change the way people think, the way they feel, and ultimately the way they behave.”

Molson Coors Brewing Company Recognizes Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, Makes Canada More Awesome

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Bart Alexander, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Molson Coors Brewing Company, chats with Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, about their CSR campaign called the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project. Nominated for a PRNews CSR Award, Bart shares how the campaign set out to “make Canada more awesome” and achieved that goal.

Bart’s VlogViews:

“We came up with a very simple idea: you pick up a beer and put it down, you get a little mark on the table or coaster. That’s a beer print. Just like that, our company puts its mark on our people, on the communities where we brew and sell our product, on the earth and we want that beer print to be a positive one so we’ve challenge our employees to say ‘what can you do improve our positive beer print?’”

“We also work to reduce our negative beer print. That’s things like alcohol abuse and pollution. We found that that is a very simple way to get people engaged in making this a better place to work and making the communities where we do business better as well.”

“The way to get employees engaged (inCSR) is to bring this to the core of the business. So the particular program that was recognized in this awards program is something called the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Program… This was a program to get our consumers and our employees involved in maki

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Industry Leaders say CSR Continues to Grow in Importance

This year’s PRNews CSR Awards luncheon was held at the JW Marriot in Washington DC. D S Simon Productions’ President & CEO, Douglas Simon, was on hand to meet and speak with representatives of some of the companies who’s initiatives were nominated for awards in the corporate social responsibility space. Some of the companies represented include ESPN, JetBlue, American Express, IBM, FedEx, and the Consumer Electronics Association. While each initiative and experience differed, one constant rang true throughout: corporate social responsibility is playing an ever more important role in corporate communications.

Below is a media player of all interviews conducted at the 2012 PRNews CSR Awards luncheon. Some of the interviews took place before the award winners were announced. Links to each individual interview can be accessed below the player.

PRNews CSR Award Winner: ESPN

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Kevin Martinez, Senior Director Corporate Outreach, ESPN:

Kevin’s VlogView:
“And basically we went in and remodeled some schools that needed desperate need for their athletic facilities, but we said to ourselves ‘you know, this is not just a makeover show.’ How do we make this sustainable community and keep in rippling and going forward and that’s how we came up with the model of “Rise up, Give back.”

PRNews CSR Award Winner: IBM

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Lisa Lanspery, Corporate Communications, IBM:

Lisa’s VlogView:
“One of our core programs was around our hundred year anniversary. We had IBM volunteers around the world impact communities, working with non-profits, teaching them things such as Internet security, marketing plans and business plans.”

PRNews CSR Award Winner: American Express

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Tami Kou, Director of Communications Strategy, LaBreche Marketing:

Tami’s VlogView:
“American Express teamed up with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. They were going to come into the Twin Cities and give one million dollars in funding towards historic preservation. Essentially they preselected 25 historic sites that would compete in an “American Idol” style voting competition that would happen on a Facebook platform engaging the public to vote for their favorite historic site to get their share of funding.”

PRNews CSR Award Winner: JetBlue

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Icema Gibbs, Corporate Social Responsibility Leader, JetBlue:

Icema’s VlogViews:
“The Soar with Reading campaign which is a campaign we launched last summer and initially to talk about the “summer slide” and literacy during the summer but the campaign grew and took a life of its own. So we focused upon reading and having children read wherever they were and encouraging parents to read with their children and as a result we donated books to a library because we had customer’s vote online for a library to win a donation of $10,000.”

PRNews CSR Awards Finalist: FedEx

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Cindy Conner, Citizenship & Reputation Director, FedEx:

Cindy’s VlogView:
“We’re nominated for our global citizenship report. This is annual report that we put out that talks about all the great activities that FedEx does around our citizenship programs.”