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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


PRNews CSR Awards Judge: John Friedman of Huffington Post

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/I1OQkn

John Friedman, Huffington Post Contributing Writer & Senior Director of Public Relations, Sodexo:

John’s VlogView:
“Social Media are media. The fact of the matter is because causes are what inspire people to write on twitter and post on facebook social media is a natural host for the issues that CSR focuses on and should be addressing. As a result, you’re seeing more and more businesses using social media, not just to speak to audiences but to engage with them.”

PRNews CSR Winner: The Body Shop

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/HL71dM

Judy Lewis, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Strategic Objectives:

Judy’s VlogView:
“Most recently, we completed a campaign with the body shop called “Help stop Sex Trafficking in children and Young People.” Right now, over 1.5 million children and young people are trafficked for sex throughout the world. And this program was designed to get Canadians and people around the world involved in being able to speak out, to call for government action to help stop this basic situation of abuse of human rights.”

PRNews CSR Awards Winner: Huntington National Bank

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/IXluqf

Traci Dunn, Senior Vice President & Inclusion Director, Huntington National Bank:


Traci’s VlogView:
“So we wanted (our colleagues) to understand what inclusion meant to the organization, why it was important to the business drivers and what they need to understand why inclusion was important to them. And then most importantly what they needed to do. Because we’re all stake holders in this journey and they had a role to either create or maintain this culture of inclusion.”

PRNews CSR Awards Finalist: CSC

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/HVTLXY

Susan Pullin, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, CSC:

Susan’s VlogView:
“We’ve actually maintained the shuttle program since 1984 for discovery so we had a CSC employee pilot that plane into Dulles today.”

PRNews CSR Awards Finalist: Domtar

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/Jo55dh

Tammy Waters, Communications & Government Relations Ashdown Mill Manager & Stuart Lister, Communications of Public Affairs Manager, Domtar:

Tammy’s VlogView

“This campaign provides us with an opportunity to know what’s happening at the mill level as well as what’s happening at the community level to help with various projects.”

Stuart’s VlogView
“What (The campaign) does is it provides mill level data about the environmental impacts, some socioeconomic data as well but it also tell the areas where we need to improve, so again going back to the transparency efforts we’re making.”

PRNews CSR Awards Finalist: Office Depot Foundation

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/J5qM4e

Leon Rubin, Director of Communications, JKG Group:

Leon’s VlogView:
“Over the past 12 years, the Office Depot foundation has given away nearly 3 million backpacks and sackpacks containing what we call essential school supplies to deserving children all across the United States and more recently around the world.”

PRNews CSR Awards Finalist: Select Health of South Carolina

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/Jg5iRw

Jillian Lemay, Sr. Cultural Competency Coordinator, Select Health of South Carolina:

Jillian’s VlogView:
“A large number of our first choice plan members were African American women with diabetes over the age of 30 and so what we did was develop a special program to better communicate with these women and improve their overall diabetes care.”

PRNews CSR Awards Finalist: First Choice Power

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/HVrhds

Catherine Carleton, Manager Community & Media Relations, First Choice Power:

Catherine’s VlogView:

“We decided to take our community investments to a new level and adopted the cause of hunger and the marketing team jumped on it and gave me a goal of a million meals and we hit the goal last September of feeding a million Texans.”

Consumer Electronics Association Wins Big at the PRNews CSR Awards

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/J0WTlA

The Consumer Electronics Association was nominated for and won a PRNews CSR Award  for their E-cycling initiative known as the Billion Pound Challenge.  Tim Doyle, Senior Manager of Communication, joins Robert Schwartz, Washington DC Correspondent for D S Simon Productions, to discuss the campaign. CEA paves the way for companies and individuals to join the movement to recycle old or unwanted electronics and meet the goal of one billion pounds of electronics recycled in 2012.  

Tim’s VlogViews:

“About a year ago we launched the ecycling leadership initiative, also commonly known as the billion pound challenge. This is a challenge to recycle one billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016. To give a bit of context, that number was 300 million in 2010; in 2011 it was 460 million, so we think we’re well on our way to accomplishing this goal.”

“Electronics companies are really integrating this into their business and sort of making it something core to what they’re doing; which, to us, is a very important trend.”

“The other part that’s extremely important is consumer education. As part of this nomination, we also created greenergadgets.org which helps inform consumers about how they can recycle electronics.”

“There is an expectation for the industry to step in and do their part for the environment. I like to think of it as everyone doing their part, from industry to individual. It’s something that’s important to us, to be responsible

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PRNews CSR Awards Nominates Honda Manufacturing of Alabama for Tornado Relief Efforts

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/IWXH92

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama was nominated for a PRNews CSR Award  for their work in helping communities hit by disastrous tornadoes get back on their feet.  Stephanie Alexander, Community Relations Manager, joins Jamie Claudio, Chief of Staff for D S Simon Productions, to discuss the campaign. Corporate social responsibility is playing an ever more important role in corporate communications and Stephanie shares Honda’s experience in this CSR effort and the overwhelming media response it received.

Stephanie’s VlogViews:

“In April of 2011, 52 tornados came through the state of Alabama, killing over 200 people. Honda Manufacturing of Alabama was able to respond to that natural disaster by utilizing a business model that we have in place with our Honda plants in North America… we are able to utilize our workforce and go into the community and provide community service work.”

“We were able to send out over 1,500 Honda associates into our local community. We spent more than 12,000 volunteer hours in the community which equated to over $500,000 in volunteer time. We were able to donate blood, we did drives here at our plant to collect food and water and clothing for people in need. Then we went out and made lunches, delivered lunches, loaned some our Honda products that we build here in Alabama to some of the agencies that were helping to respond right after the disaster.”

“Corporate Social Responsibility is just a part of who we are as a company.”

“The media is very

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