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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Julia Hood, Executive Vice President for Haymarket Media, On Corporate Communications

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/z7GGOv

Douglas Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Julia Hood, Executive Vice President for Haymarket Media, on her recent return to PR Week. Julia shares what she learned about corporate communications during her time with the Arthur Page Society and how she plans to incorporate those lessons into making PR Week even bigger and more impactful.

Some of Julia’s VlogViews:

“I was really blessed to have this kind of master class in corporate communications, as I call it, and among the themes that emerged for me was how the profession has matured though the lens of the corporate communicator; the way that the corporate communicator is working as a chief convening officer and a chief collaboration officer across the whole network within the organizations.”

“PRWeek is an incredibly strong brand, people are loyal to it. Our readers are very fond of it, we have strong partners and we have a strong subscriber base that keeps growing. We’re getting deeper into organizations; that, to me, is telling us something.”

“Part of PRWeek’s mission in the next couple of months is going to be defining, ‘What do we believe in? What do we believe the industry is for? The profession is for? The value of the profession is for organizations, for society, for the greater good?’”

Super Bowl Hero Carl Banks Headlines D S Simon’s Big Game Communications Offerings

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Douglas Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, shares an exciting addition to the D S Simon Super Bowl communications lineup and introduces former NY Giant and Super Bowl hero, Carl Banks as newest spokesperson. He also shares other exciting Super Bowl related communications initiatives D S Simon will be participating in for 2012.

About D S Simon’s 2012 Super Bowl Initiatives:

“Even though I am a diehard Jets fan, I’m proud that we’re going to be partnering with former NY Giants football Super Bowl hero, Carl Banks.”

“He’s an awesome personality and he’ll be heading a co-op Satellite Media Tour on January 26th before the big game. It’s a great opportunity for you to share your message with key audiences across the country.”

“We also have a very important anti-domestic violence initiative with the Verizon Foundation and the NFL Players Association that will be taking place from Indianapolis during Super Bowl week.”

“If you’ve got content that’s Super Bowl related that you want to share with news stations across the country as well as web outlets, we’re going to be holding not one but two video B-roll feeds on January 31st and February 1st to get your content distributed easily.”

A Very Happy Holiday to All from D S Simon Productions and the Fresh Air Fund

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/uCJuUb

D S Simon Productions had a big year in 2011 and would like to thank all who have helped to make that possible. For the second year running, we chose to give thanks by sharing our good fortune with young, bright students from disadvantaged communities in the greater New York City area and make a donation to the Fresh Air Fund on our client’s behalf.

Partnering with the Fresh Air Fund, D S Simon participated in their Career Awareness Program for 7th to 9th grade students. The vast majority of kids who participate in the program go on to become college graduates. Take a look at their time with us:

Best Tips for Corporate Communicators in 2012

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/uADCxf

What’s your best advice for corporate communicators in 2012? We asked some of the best corporate strategists and thinkers to answer that very important question. Fay Shapiro, Publisher at CommPro.biz, Steve Cody, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Peppercom, Lucy Siegel, President and CEO of Bridge Global Strategies and more weighed in to give corporate communicators their best advice for the coming year. Take a look:

D S Simon Spreads Holiday Cheer with Toys R Us, Macy’s and CEA

To Link to Post: http://bit.ly/sjokaJ Douglas Simon,

President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, shares a few exciting projects D S Simon completed during the holiday season with ToysRUs, Macys and CEA. The D S Simon family wishes you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday.

Some of Doug’s Vlog Views:

“One of the fun parts of doing what we do is sometimes we get to go behind the scenes. When it happens to be one of the most talked about events in America at that time it gets to be a lot of fun. This year we had a chance to work with three of our partners that we work with quite a bit, going behind the scenes from Thanksgiving to Black Friday and all the way to Cyber Monday.”

“For Macy’s, we were able to do a series of projects looking at the balloon preparation for the big Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as a number of other promotions for them.”

“We were there for Black Friday for Toys’R’Us as they opened their doors on Thanksgiving night.”

“I hope you enjoyed this look in and have a wonderful holiday season!”

Occupy Wall Street’s Effect on Media & Corporate Communications

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/vXqInM

Martin Murtland, Vice President & Managing Director, Factivia Communicator, for Dow Jones discusses Occupy Wall Street’s implications for media and communications.

Some of Martin’s Key Takeaways:

“The thing I find interesting is just the shear wide range of topics that are being covered in association with the Occupy Wall Street movement; such as economic inequality and executive pay but also, more recently, things like police enforcement.”

“We found in traditional media, focus was more on the police crackdowns and on social media the discussion was around the actual protesters being pepper sprayed, particularly the University of California campus where they were protesting possible hikes in tuition fees. If you compare them in totality, I think they’re both covering the same sort of issues and following a similar trend pattern in terms of the volume and the favorability.”

Make Positive More Positive Goes Global

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/voGIXX

D S Simon Productions conducted a Global Satellite Media Tour from New York City and Johannesburg, South Africa, on behalf of Alere for their “Make Positive More Positive” campaign for World Aids Day on December 1, 2011 with Population Services International Spokesperson, Donna Sherard. D S Simon President & CEO, Douglas Simon, was on hand to speak with Donna about this vitally important initiative and how the campaign is encouraging the public to make big differences in small ways.

Some of Key Takeaways:

“You can make a difference by providing a free HIV test kit simply by liking us on Facebook at <a href=”http://www.facebook.com/morepositive”>www.facebook.com/morepositive</a> or following us on Twitter at <a href=”http://www.twitter.com/more_positive”>www.twitter.com/more_positive</a>. We are donating up to one million kits.”

“The Make Positive More Positive campaign is a partnership between Alere and Population Services International, PSI, two global health organizations. Through the campaign Alere will donate up to one million HIV tests, one for every individual that likes us on Facebook or follows us on Twitter. PSI will work to ensure that individuals living in places where there is great HIV burden and limited access to treatment, testing and counseling services will get access to these tests.”

Kevin Bishop, Global Head of Brands, For IBM

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/swdiEF

Kevin Bishop of IBM spoke with Douglas Simon, D S Simon Productions, about the 100th anniversary of IBM and the six steps for a successful initiative. Recorded at the IABC Measurement Event discussing the 100th anniversary.

Some of Kevin’s VlogViews:

On the 100th anniversary, “ We wanted to make sure we drew on the history of the past to be relevant to the future as a strategic objective. How can we demonstrate that from our past history, we will be able to make a difference with things that matter to people in the world now.”

“You put your media plan in a way that’s relevant to all of the constituents, then you really got to work each element of the media for what it’s good for. So films can be a very powerful thing, quick delivery of information with a powerful emotional content. If you are going to use the web, make sure you produce things that deserve to be shared, because that’s what people do on the web, it’s to share content. You have to work every media really hard for what it’s uniquely good at.”

“The tree is the real thing, and the shadow is just the image, and if you want to manage a brand you have to work on the health of the tree. If you have a healthy tree, it will

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Matt Broder, Pitney Bowes on Social Media

To Link to Post: http://bit.ly/tUbntF

Matt Broder, Vice President, Pitney Bowes, discusses how social media is the driving force in communication.

Some of Matt’s VlogViews:

“Because the number of journalists is going down you really don’t need as many people to speak to the journalists, but the number of people consuming information over the internet has exploded, and so you need a lot more people in that realm.”

“At Pitney Bowes we’ve gone from 4 or 5 authorized spokespeople five years ago to over 40 today, and we’re on our way to hopefully a lot more…Companies need to adapt, companies need to become more flexible and nimble, and they really need to expand the ways in which they communicate with their constituents.”

“I think social media has really smashed all of the walls. It is the oxygen that we breathe now. And all media whether their print, earned, whatever it’s all brought together now in one kind of big conglomeration of messaging.”

Wall Street Journal Editor’s Presidential Debate Initiative Gets Boost from D S Simon Productions

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/spm6D3

In response to Wall Street Journal Deputy Editor, Editorial Page, Daniel Henninger’s request for a more “presidential” debate process, http://on.wsj.com/sBViTr, D S Simon Productions, a broadcast production and integrated video marketing firm, has offered its New York City HD studio to the Journal and GOP candidates for free.

Dear Mr. Henninger,

We’re offering our D S Simon Productions HD Broadcast studio in New York City to the Wall Street Journal for free to hold the type of intimate debate that you advocate in your Wonder Land piece, “Our Un-Presidential Debates.” I too share your concern that the process is preventing a discussion of the most serious of issues and distancing the American Public from the important criteria that can lead to an informed decision. We want to help.

We’ll provide three HD cameras, all lighting, all audio, all crew and personnel, incoming questions via phone or skype and live transmission via satellite and internet.

We look forward to working with you on this important initiative,

Douglas Simon