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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


How Ballroom Dancing Can Make You a Better CEO & a Happier Person

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Patrice Tanaka, Co-Chairperson, Chief Creative Officer and whatcanbe Ambassador of CRT/tanaka on the upcoming release of her new book, Becoming Ginger Rogers. Patrice discusses how taking up ballroom dancing has taught her lessons which allowed her to grow both personally and professionally.

Some of Patrice’s VlogViews:

“It’s about how it made me a happier person, a better partner and a smarter CEO. I really do think that ballroom dancing has helped me to do all of that. When you create joy in one area of your life it spills over into all areas of your life. If you’re a happier person you can engage with people in a better, more effective, more authentic way.”

“Ballroom dancing requires you to be fully present when you dance. You have to be fully focused on executing your present step because if you do it produces your next step, or your future.”

“The only guarantee of producing the best future is focusing on your present step. If you’re worried about the misstep you just made in your past then you screw up your present step which then screws up your future. Really, the only safe place to be is fully present mind, body and spirit executing your present step full on and fearlessly.”

Julie Winskie of Porter Novelli on Delivering Results in a Digital World

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Porter Novelli Launches Real-Time Monitoring Service

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Julie Winskie, Global President, Clients for Porter Novelli on how agencies are evolving in today’s every changing media environment.

Some of Julie’s VlogViews:

“It’s a significantly changed landscape out there and it’s all due to the digital explosion. It’s creating huge challenges but also huge opportunities. A couple of trends in terms of how we see evolving working with clients and how we see agency relationships evolving and it starts with a shift from monitoring to meaning.”

“What we see happening now and in the near future is a return back to what you essentially use agencies and outside council for, which, is what we do best, is council. It’s providing the analytical overlay to the data. It’s the context, the analysis.”

“It’s about the real-time information but it’s also about the real-time context as well.”

D S Simon Welcomes Michael Farr as Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Content

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, sits down with the company’s newly SVP & Managing Director of Content, Michael Farr. Michael shares his take on the importance of high quality video production as well as tips all brands should consider when looking to create impactful video content.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews:

“What we’re doing is we’re delivering television; that’s our ultimate goal. What we’re finding is that with all the things happening in production, there’s been a lot of innovation and a lot of changes, one thing has remained constant. The need to deliver quality video and quality production is always going to be there.”

“People are really pushing the edge and I encourage that a lot with the brands that we work with. Whether you be on the conservative side or the edgy side doesn’t really matter. Take advantage of the incredible production capabilities that are out there and looks that are out there; take your brand to the highest level that it can. Don’t be afraid to push it a little bit when it comes to creativity.”

“There’s always been an attraction between celebrity and, let’s say, consumer. In the 80’s, 90’s and now of course in the 21st century this has jumped to a higher level. The brand association with celebrity has

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Obama Approves Debit Ceiling Bill, But Will Voters Approve Obama?

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, weighs in on Obama signing the Debt Ceiling Bill and what it will mean for his voter approval rating as election year approaches.

Some of Doug’s VlogViews:

“One of the traps that Obama is in from a PR perspective is the criticisms of him tend not to be grounded in specific choices on policy but more in general statements about his persona or a belief in what he’s done.”

“His core problem is something I spoke with Tina Brown about on this vlog (<a href=”http://bit.ly/cgHxOw”>http://bit.ly/cgHxOw</a>) about a year ago is that the folks on the left who should be his natural and loudest supporters instead voice disgruntlement. This group on the left was responsible for undermining his policies and public perception of him to the point that it allowed more republicans to win many more seats in the house and setting the stage for the whole debt conflict.”

“Obviously it’s so hard to fight on intangibles. From a fact basis, going after Osama Bin Laden seemed to be gutsy leadership. That’s still not resonating with those who oppose him. Here are some of the things I think he’s going to

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Susan Bean of Marina Maher on the Influence-Her Survey

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Susan Bean, Executive Vice President of Marina Maher Communications, on their recently published Influence-Her Survey and the implications for Public Relations and communications professionals in reaching the elusive female consumer.

Some of Susan’s VlogViews:

“Women want a committed relationship, we don’t want a one night stand; for a company that means an ongoing relationship in social media and an ongoing commitment to being in a dialogue with women.”

“Influence-Hers are mini-broadcasters. We talk about the mass media of one and women are very interested in listening to each other. Women have been talking and gossiping and sharing information forever.”

“It’s extremely important that the content be authentic. Women want to feel like they’re watching something real, they want to feel like they’re being talked to by a company that respects them and is looking for their input and their opinion. It’s really important that the content you create be purposeful and strategic in how you’re going to approach women; not just grab the kid with the video camera and throw something up.”

Rebecca Hall on the Campaign to Promote Mortgage Support for the Unemployed

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/pgmy21

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Rebecca Hall, Founder, President & CEO of Idea Hall (Disclosure: also a client), on their work together for Springboard and the federal mortgage assistance program being offered at HomeOwnership.org. Rebecca shares how they worked under deadline to spread the word across multiple mediums.

Some of Rebecca’s VlogViews:

“We’re dealing with such a diverse population and we really went through and figured out how do we reach them on TV news, how do we reach them on radio news shows, and lifestyle news shows, sports. We looked at print media, people who still read newspapers it really hits a great demographic, especially for this type of program. Also social media, we know that people are interacting so much on Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and we wanted to make sure that if you have a friend that is underemployed or still struggling with under employment that you could now have information to provide to them directly.”

“The media tour increased calls and traffic to the web site by more than 500%.”

“If you know someone who is unemployed or under employed and they are falling behind on their mortgage they should go to homeownership.org and apply for up to a $50,000 forgivable loan.”

D S Simon Turns 25, Opens DC Office, Adds Ken Fry as Senior VP

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D S Simon Productions marked its 25th Anniversary on July 4th. The company also announced the opening of a Washington DC office to be headed by Christine Deerin and named industry veteran Ken Fry as Senior Vice President operating out of the Los Angeles office.

“We feel this is a critical time in our industry and that’s why expanding capabilities, services and talent is so important,” said Douglas Simon, President & CEO.

Christine Deerin, who previously ran D S Simon’s Satellite Media Tour group in New York and directed the firms West Coast operations has been named Vice President, Washington DC operations.

“As we approach a political campaign year, the ability to deliver a message through multiple channels and cut through the clutter has never been more important,” said Deerin, a Maryland native, “I’m very excited to be coming home.”

Contact Christine at: christined@dssimon.com

Ken Fry has been named Senior Vice President at D S Simon Productions and will be heading up the company’s Los Angeles office. As Senior VP, Mr. Fry will manage the sales teams from D S Simon offices around the country with Eric Wright and lead in the development of new products and services.

Mr. Fry was President, Business Development at On th

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Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder of Foursquare, Speaks at the #140Conf NYC

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/mLxoBD

Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder of Foursquare, a social media and location service allowing you to connect with friends and places around you. Dennis spoke at the #140Conf NYC last week about his early success and where he sees the company heading.

Some of Dennis’ VlogViews:

“There are two ways we look at a lot of the stuff we’re doing with businesses: we think of local merchants and big national retail chains; destination places like coffee shops, toy stores and book stores. We have a merchant platform that enables a lot of those merchants to run specials against a lot of the check in data so they can reward their best customers and entice new customers.”

“We also have a platform that enables media properties and celebrities and brands to use foursquare as a way to create these lenses on the real world that other people, other users, can then go and subscribe to.”

“People can also get tips, like oh, this is how the New York Times thinks downtown is most interesting or this is Ashton Kutcher’s view of L.A. So we’re creating all these interesting ways of helping users connect with a lot of the content that’s created by some of their favorite brands.”

Patrick Starzan of FunnyorDie.com on Humor’s Big Business

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/ktiGX7

Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Patrick Starzan, Vice President of Marketing for FunnyorDie.com at the #140Conf NYC on June 15, 2011. Patrick discusses how FunnyorDie went from a single video to multimedia comedic gold.

Some of Patrick’s VlogViews:

“Humor is definitely an important part of the brand and the tone of the brand. It is an extension of our brand when we’re tweeting and on Facebook and on Tumblr about what we write and how we write it. We take a lot of care in framing the copy and the posts to hopefully making people laugh.”

“I was brought in to help spread the word about FOD and they were looking for someone that had a good social media background, was what we call a ‘gritty marketer’ who didn’t need a budget, who knew how to leverage all these platforms that actually get the content out there and build these communities.”

“You don’t need to have a celebrity in your video to make a funny video. You need to have great writing and that’s really been the success and the backbone of FunnyorDie.”

Warren Etheredge, Founder of the Warren Report, on Effective Communication

To Link To Post: http://bit.ly/jzK2Kg

Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, caught up with Warren Etheredge, founder of The Warren Report and host of The High Bar with Warren, a “weekly watering hole with lighthearted conversation with people who care about culture that matters.” Warren explains how he connects with people through highly effective communication.

Some of Warren’s VlogViews:

“Conversation is a little bit about seduction on some level, in the best way. It doesn’t always lead to a bedroom but it does lead to a better understanding and greater intimacy.”

“When I have a conversation with someone I really want to connect in some manner and share information or glean information that I wouldn’t have had beforehand. To me, that’s incredibly sexy and incredibly empowering”

“I think a lot of people get into certain ‘checklists’ whether they’re journalists or conversationalists: ‘What do you do’ ‘Where are you from’, that sort of thing, and most of us don’t really care. To me, I ask whatever comes to my mind and my least favorite word in the English language is inappropriate. I think you should be able to ask anything you want to…”