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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


PR and Business Learn the Wrong Message from LeBron

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The mistake that PR people and businesses make is thinking that PR can overcome bad business practices and decisions. The important role for PR is to prevent bad actions rather than spin them. PR needs to be addressing the implications of an action before it happens and guiding the company to make good choices.

D S Simon Opens HD Broadcast TV Studio

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D S Simon Productions has opened a full service HD broadcast TV studio at its new headquarters in New York City. The studio offers three HD cameras, teleprompter, virtual sets, green screen production with multi-city backgrounds and custom sets from an award winning designer. We now have the in-house capability for production of talk shows, corporate video, webcasts, satellite and internet media tours and event broadcasting. To schedule a time to tour the studio, contact Jamie Claudio at jamiec@dssimon.com or 212.736.2727

Some of Doug’s VlogViews:

“We just completed our first web video and Satellite Media Tour production from our new HD studio here at our New York headquarters. This is one of the few full HD studios in New York with full HD transmission so we’re very excited about being able to offer that service.”

“It’s going to be a great spot to record talk shows, corporate video, webisodes, viral videos and a whole range of other production that’s going to be increasingly necessary for organizations to be able to communicate to their key publics.”

“You’re going to be able to take what you have and put your own company background behind on a logo. We have green screen opportunities so you can actually appear to be located from many cities across the country as we have backgrounds that will work for you there along with more comfortable looks that we’ll be showing you in the near future.”

Ron Culp, Ketchum, Receives Hill Award

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Ron Culp, Partner and Managing Director of Ketchum, after he received the John W. Hill Award at the 2011 PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards. Ron shares some advice on how to deliver your opinion in a professional setting without damaging your image or career.

Some of Ron’s VlogViews:

“Earlier in my youth… I would always take the contrarian view. But at least it cause debate and argument. So then when you get into a corporate setting you have to know when to put a governor on it and I always recommend for people to make sure they get permission to offer their opinions before they jump in.”

“A key thing that a manger has to do is accessibility to an organization; you have to walk the floors, you have to talk to people. What occurs too often because we’re all too busy is we’re still desk bound for the most part and new social media has not helped matters. … Just be involved, have your finger on the pulse of the organization, its critical.”

Two New Positions Open Up at Award Winning Broadcast PR Firm as D S Simon Expands Headquarters

Doug Simon of D S Simon Productions shares two new job openings at the D S Simon headquarters in New York City. As the company expands so does its need for creative thinkers and doers; think you have what it takes? Let us know!

PR Makes Its Play at Ad Awards

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Jamie Claudio of D S Simon Productions spoke to Michael Schiferl, Executive Vice President and Director of Media Relations for Weber Shandwick, at the New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising Awards on May 5, 2011. Weber Shandwick was hired by the International Awards Group to promote the show.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews:

“It was interesting from a Public Relations perspective because what came through is the breakdown of the barriers. Not just within media, meaning digital or traditional but in ad agency versus PR versus digital versus direct marketing versus experiential. That’s kind of gone away; I think that the ad side of it sees this too and that a creative idea needs to play across all those things.”

“A lot of the award winners, which I’d encourage my fellow PR practitioners to go check out, had a lot of PR elements in it. They talked about how it was widely consumed by the earned media, how newspapers and television and digital and social media around the world took root with this campaigns and utilized them.”

Darren Moran, Chief Creative Officer for DraftFCB, on being a New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising Panel Judge

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Jamie Claudio of D S Simon Productions spoke with Darren Moran, Chief Creative Officer for DraftFCB, at the New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising Awards about his participation on the 32 member executive judging panel for this year’s ceremony. The panel consisted of 32 chief creative officers from agencies worldwide.

Some of Darren’s VlogViews:

“It was an unbelievable panel of jurors including some of the people that I grew up in the business idolizing; every one of them pretty much future hall of famers. It was an amazing experience to be in the company of such greatness.”

“We could all agree on a certain set of criteria and I guess that’s what makes us chief creative officers. The best ideas are ones that are simple, that have a universal human truth at the core of it and most importantly are something that we’ve never seen before.”

“With 32 people who have been in the business as long as we have with very long memories and are as passionate about the business as we are, it’s pretty hard to get something past us that we haven’t seen. We really made a decision to be ruthless with the work. We saw some amazing, amazing work. We saw a lot of work that has done well at other shows and we just said not good enough.”

“The best advice I have ever received is the advice that got m

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Donald Gunn Moderates Executive Jury Panel at New York Fesitvals World’s Best Advertising Awards

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Jamie Claudio of D S Simon Productions spoke to Donald Gunn, Founder of the Gunn Report, at the 2011 New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising Awards on May 5, 2011 where he shared his experience moderating the first ever 32 member executive jury panel.

Some of Donald’s VlogViews:

“I must admit that when I was asked to do this and when I was coming over on the plane I was a little bit terrified because this is a uniquely strong jury with 32 absolutely top guys from top agencies all over the world.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great honor to be moderating such great people and also to be working with Jimmy Smith who showed great vision and courage in accepting, as the process went on this year, that these guys were raising the bar for the future and making this from quite an easy show to win at to one of the world’s toughest.”

“It has been normal to give one award each year in each category. This year the jury felt that rather than do that they just wanted to have one absolutely top award and the winner, Nike for Write the Future, was by far the best.”

Keith Reinhard Receives New York Festivals Lifetime Achievement Award

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Jamie Claudio of D S Simon Productions caught up with Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide, at the New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising Awards on May 5th, 2011 where he accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Some of Keith’s VlogViews:

“I’m very honored because the New York Fesitvals has really come alive; it’s got new energy now and so to be given an award by the festival that bears the name of the city I love and call home is really an honor indeed.”

“The recipe for creativity has three ingredients. One is a gift. Talent, God gives you that, not a thing you can do about the size of your gift. Second ingredient is skill. You can do something about that – training, practice, interning. But the most important is the third one, which is passion. Without passion nothing really ever happens.”

“I am urging people to stop talking about the digital age already. In the last century we didn’t talk about the analog age. We talked about ideas. Even when we talked about the television age we talked about content. Now we have so many more ways in which to respond to those basic human drives and we have gone from a one way monologue to a dialogue. Now we have everybody talking to

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New York Fesitvals President Michael O’Rourke on the 2011 World’s Best Advertising Awards

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Jamie Claudio of D S Simon Productions spoke to Michael O’Rourke, President of the International Awards Group and as such of New York Festivals, on hosting the 2011 World’s Best Advertising Awards. Michael shares how they organized the ceremony a bit differently in 2011 and why the re-organization was such a success.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews:

“We assembled a group of 32 Chief Creative Officers from every major network from around the world to judge the awards.”

“The nice thing about that is there has never been a jury with 32 Chief Creative Officers. We knew that in doing that it was going to do a lot for us just in terms of raising the bar in terms of creative standards. Not just improving who we are and what we award but from an industry perspective, how we can do a better job of really and truly recognizing the best work.”

“The opportunity for us to watch these folks in a room, some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, laugh about it, argue over it and plead their case for why a particular piece of work is worthy for an award. It’s been really inspiring to hear how these people really think.”

Claudio’s Restaurant Presents: The Best Video Blog Ever Sold

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, sat down with Michael Levine, Founder of Levine Communications Office, to discuss Michael’s role in the new Morgan Spurlock documentary, Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews:

“Morgan Spurlock was making a new movie that’s now out called The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. It’s a very provocative, hilarious, entertaining and interesting film about branding, marketing and product placement. I got a call about a year ago from his producer who asked me if I’d be in it and I agreed to meet Morgan because I was very intrigued by his concept.”

“If you’re in communications and you don’t go to this movie, for any reason, in my opinion you’re just not serious. You must see this film, not because I’m in it, but because it is the center of an American conversation around this topic.”

“I don’t think that it’s vital that every person that goes to the movie comes out on the same side as me or you or anyone else; I just feel it’s very important that we take the conversation about the ubiquity of messages bombarding us seriously.”