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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


D S Simon Releases 2011 Web Influencers Survey

To download a free copy of the 2011 Web Influencers Survey click here

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The findings of the third annual D S Simon Web Influencers Survey reveal tremendous opportunity for PR professionals and marketers to earn media online with video.

Some of Doug’s VlogViews:

“We surveyed web media affiliated with TV stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and bloggers and what we found out was 85% of them are now using video on their sites; that’s a 33% increase from last year.”

“The results show a huge appetite for well-produced outside video on media web sites that can be fed by smart marketers.”

“After three years of unprecedented growth in the use of video online by media, 79%, nearly four out of five, still say they’re going to be using more video next year. This trend will continue.”

Drop and Give Me 40!

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D S Simon Productions partnered with Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Public Relations and WD-40 to promote military appreciation and support military related charities by purchasing specially marked WD-40 commemorative cans. A Satellite Media Tour took place on the U.S.S. Midway featuring spokesperson R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey.

Some of Doug’s VlogViews:

“Stanley Kubrick made the right call casting R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey as the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket instead of me.”

“The campaign is a great opportunity to suppoer military related charities by going to http://www.supporttroops.wd40.com/ where you can also see some great videos with ‘Gunny’”

“After the Satellite Media Tour, WD-40 saw a 40% increase in traffic on their website.”

Construction on Schedule for D S Simon HD TV Studio Set to Open in June

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Here is the latest on the construction of the new D S Simon headquarters. We’ll be at the same location with significant added capabilities for live global HD TV production and transmission as well as live web media broadcast.

Tips for Choosing the Right Internet Media Tour for Your Initiative

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, was recently published in the April 2011 edition of O’Dywer’s Magazine with an article entitled “Testing Your IMT IQ”. To complement the article Doug shares his top tips with PR professionals on how to choose which Internet Media Tour is best suited to meet the needs of your initiative. To view the article click here.

The Three Types of Internet Media Tours:

Internet Interview Tours:
When we introduced IMT’s in 2009 you needed an A-list celebrity to generate sufficient coverage. As the strength and breadth of online media has grown along with the demand for video, an informed spokesperson with an interesting story and good visuals can generate 10 to 20 interviews in a 4 to 5 hour tour.

Video Press Junkets:
The Video Press Junket is used when you’re at the same location as the media. It’s perfect for trade shows, press events, conferences or any location where there is significant gathering of media and bloggers who cover your beat.

Viral Video Media Placement
This type of Internet Media Tour relies on promoting a completed video or video series and does not require the expense or time commitment of a talent or spokesperson. The concept is Shoot Once, Play Everywhere™. This is a huge opportunity to extend the life of your IIT, VPJ or simply to generate coverage of a video that has been part oRead More

Lauren Nodzak of Mars Chocolate Spreads the Love for Dove

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Lauren Nodzak, Public Relations Manager for Mars Chocolate North America, representing Dove ice cream at Editor Showcase: Modern Moms in New York City on April 6th. Lauren shares how Dove is incorporating social media into their PR initiatives.

Some of Lauren’s VlogViews:

“We’re really excited to be here. Modern moms is a great way for us to connect our Dove ice cream brand with the publications and the types of readers who consume our product. It’s a great opportunity to be able to connect and engage one on one with the editors but then also create the opportunities and work together to showcase different ways that our consumers can find out about our products.”

“Our Dove ice cream Facebook page just kicked off two weeks ago so we’re fairly new to the space but we’ve found that social media is a very important place for us to play and it’s very important that our Dove ice cream is there as well. We’re getting that page up and running and starting to load it with all kinds of content that our consumers will enjoy looking at and we’re happy to say that we’re already up to 15,000 fans!”

“I absolutely love what I do. There is no moment in any day that isn’t fun. I have zero complaints; chocolate is

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Katherine Langdon of Springfree Trampoline Jumps on Social Media

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Katherine Langdon, North American Communications Coordinator for Springfree Trampoline, at Editor Showcase: Modern Moms in New York City on April 6th. Lauren shares how Springfree leverages social media platforms to connect with their consumers.

Some of Katherine’s VlogViews:

“We are the world’s safest trampoline. We reduce all the chances of equipment induced injury because of our patented design.”

“We have a really active social media presence. We have a Facebook page, a twitter account and we have a YouTube channel. We’re really big into video because clearly we’re a very active product. Actually, on Facebook we do a lot of contests and polls. We like to get the opinions of our users.”

“Our company is founded on innovation and design and in practice so we believe that social media is a great way to interact with our consumers. We’ve been really successful so far.”

Jennifer Campana on how the “That Stinks” Campaign Smelled So Sweet for Munchkin

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Jennifer Campana, Communications Manager for Munchkin, at Editor Showcase: Modern Moms in New York City on April 6th. Lauren talks about how just one social media initiative, “That Stinks”, doubled their audience.

Some of Jennifer’s VlogViews:

“We’re doing a lot of social media lately and we’ve found it really takes a lot of different types of partnerships to grow it. We use our PR agency a lot and partner with other clients of theirs and have them post about us on their social media and we post about them on ours and kind of co-op.”

“We’re doing a lot of creative things in social media as well. We do giveaways weekly and we come up with very cute promotions. We did one for our diaper pail called ‘That Stinks’ where people submitted their story of something that stinks. It didn’t have to be literally, it could be figuratively, like a parking ticket. Then every Friday we had ‘Fresh Fridays’ where we would give away a diaper pail and also fix their problem, like pay their parking ticket.”

“These are extremely important for our strategy. We’ve doubled our audience through the ‘That Stinks’ campaign alone and I don’t think we could have done it without the giveawa

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Natalie Gershon on Marketing Zevia, the Healthy Soda

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Natalie Gershon, Director of Marketing for Zevia, at Editor Showcase: Modern Moms in New York City on April 6th. Natalie talks about the Zevia brand and how it’s engaging the consumer market.

Some of Natalie’s VlogViews:

“Zevia is an all-natural, zero calorie soda sweetened with stevia. We are no sugar, no aspirtain, no artificial sweeteners. If you can imagine, it’s a healthy soda. We feel strongly that it’s what soda should always have been.”

“We are using a lot of social media and thus far our efforts have really been organic and kind of grassroots. We have an enthusiastic fan base that feels really excited about the engagement that we’ve been able to offer them. Our fan bases are growing daily and now we’re jumping into video as well which is always appealing because anybody that gets to review our soda, talk about how their using it in recipes or cocktails, they can find a way for it to engross their everyday life.”

“We take a two pronged approach. We want to friend them; we want to be their buddy. We don’t want to talk at them we want to talk with them. So we engage in conversation both around the product, around Zevia, around health, wellness an

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Angela Pengelly of Land O’ Lakes and Bernice Neumann of Exponent PR on Land O’ Lakes New Product Launch

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Angela Pengelly, Marketing Manager for Land O’ Lakes, and Bernice Neaumann, Practice Leader for Exponent PR, at Editor Showcase: Modern Moms in New York City on April 6th where they let us in on Land O’ Lakes latest new product launch, Cinnamon Sugar Butter.

Some of Angela & Bernice’s VlogViews:

“The cinnamon sugar is a great product, it’s all natural, simple ingredients which is very consistent with our brand and who we are. The reason we came to this showcase is this is a product that’s perfect for moms. We spoke with moms when we were developing the product and the insight we got from talking to them is, wow, this product really is helpful for them to get their kids to eat healthier items.”

“We have a couple of waves of communication because the product won’t be out until the summertime. We’re starting with a sneak peak approach to long lead editors; you see a lot here tonight that are looking for products and recipes for the holiday time frame. We’re also going to layer that with outreach to bloggers and really try to reach the type of bloggers that reach our core consumer. We’re also really trying to reach busy moms who are trying to put a good meal on the table so we’ll be using sampling and offer other

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Joy Armstrong of Ladies Home Journal on Growing in the Online Space

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Joy Armstrong, Deputy Research Director at Ladies Home Journal, at Editor Showcase: Modern Moms in New York City on April 6th. Joy shares why Editor Showcase is valuable to her magazine and how they are utilizing the online space to push content.

Some of Joy’s VlogViews:

“You get to see people face to face. So many times we deal with phone calls and emails and it’s very indirect, impersonal. It’s just nice to be able to shake hands with someone and really see the product to see what you’re dealing with and what your readers might like.”

“We’re giving our readers plenty of incentive to make the effort to go online. That means having various web prompts, reminding people that there is a video to show you how to do the exercise or make the pie and giving freebees is always nice! It’s been working very well.”

“So much of our work is becoming media oriented from the concept of the story to the end result. We have to think about how we are going to integrate the media pitch or how we are going to tell the reader to go online with that story. So we’re always thinking about it.”