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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Groundhog Day: Back in the Sling of Things after Thanksgiving Weekend

Looks like I’ll be back to rehab with another shoulder injury after a Thanksgiving holiday football fiasco. This time it’s a broken collarbone. I look forward to getting back on the field soon, but I might want to invest in some shoulder pads.


At least it’s not a self-inflicted gunshot wound! Doug’s Collarbone X-Ray, 11/29/2008 Check out Doug’s Surgery Video from his last injury.

Thanksgiving Musings

Doug is Thankful for:

1. A busy 4th quarter, despite the economic trouble.

2. The hard work his staff at D S Simon Productions is putting in.

3. Obama’s quick selection of a team respected by both sides.

4. The playoff-bound NY Jets (well, maybe not after yesterday’s loss.)

The 2008 Presidential Campaign and the Impact on the Communications Industry

Guests of PRSA NY’s Technology Thursday networking event, sponsored by D S Simon Productions, weigh in on the 2008 Presidential Election and how it has impacted the communications industry.

Here are some of their VlogViews:

Alison Walsh Senior Account Executive, Evins Communications:

“The click-thru rate online is key for consumers, key for politicians, and key for the entire communications sphere.”

Haywood Batchelor

Project Manger, Accenture

“You can’t just run a static campaign; you have to have an interactive dialogue with your constituency.”

Debra Dixon
CEO, Light of Gold PR and Marketing:

“There’s now such a thing called ‘Barack 2.0’ and I think [Barack] just totally leveraged social media, social networks by creating an ongoing conversation…and he’s still continuing to do that even before he goes into office.”

Evins Communications  Accenture

Light of Gold PR and Marketing

Sam Singer, Former Spokesperson for the San Francisco Zoo

Sam Singer, named Spokesperson of the Year from PRSA and President of Singer Associates, discusses how communicators can effectively address challenges. Recorded at PR News’ PR People Awards.

Some of Sam’s VlogViews:

“Corporations and individuals are going to have to follow the lead of President-Elect Barack Obama and create larger, visionary pictures for the public and for their audiences and for their employees to follow. To get them on board and have them understand that we’re all on the same team and that there is a larger vision that we are all heading for.”

“I think that corporations are going to have to really change the way they communicate, not just to their employees but to their investors and to their customers as well — by telling people what the big picture is, but also by admitting weaknesses and faults.”

“Content will always be king. And I think what has been missing from the debate from the last eight years during the Bush administration was there wasn’t the content; or if there was content, it was dubious content. I think that that’s the problem that America faces when they look at corporations w

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Kriste Goad, Hall Strategies

Kriste Goad, Principal for Hall Strategies, discusses her firm’s social media strategies. Recorded at PR News’ PR People Awards.

Some of Kriste’s VlogViews:

“Our biggest challenge is getting our client as excited about [new media technologies] as we are and help them understand it may not be as important in today’s world to have necessarily the headline in the print paper, not as many people are looking at that.”


“Who’s following whom and who’s blogging about what? So we do a lot of searches of blogs and who is talking about what and then you can see if they’re picking up your stories and when, where and how and then you can push it out to the traditional media.”

“People may feel too comfortable and conversational. Just always be aware that it’s in the public and don’t say anything or have your clients out there saying anything that you wouldn’t want in a traditional newspaper headline or out there as a headline on the web.”

Hall Strategies Hall Strategies Client News Blog S

Five Lessons for Communicators from the Obama Campaign

Obama’s Five Lessons for Communicators:

1. Invest early in web infrastructure

2. Create motivators and opportunities for customers to opt-in and participate

3. Combat negatives

4. Tone matters

5. Spend money

Pew Research Study on Web Engagement in the Campaign

PR Thought Leader Ken Makovsky

Ken Makovsky, Founder and President of Makovsky and Co., discusses the changing landscape of public relations and how agencies should respond to those changes.

Some of Ken’s VlogViews:

“The word ‘spin’ is going to disappear from the vocabulary of Americans in the near future… I have always hated that word because it has an implication of falsehoods, it’s misleading, it’s slick. We’re in an era coming out of this economic crisis where trust needs to be rebuilt with out financial institutions, with our government, with many businesses, with our banks.”

“[After this election] we are going to have [environmental] federal regulations. And I don’t think these companies are going to have a choice; so at a minimum, one thing they could be doing at this time is educating their employees about what is going to come and that doesn’t take a lot of money.”

“Everybody’s going green. I think that all client programs or nearly all client programs in some way are going to need to communicate that.”

Click Here for More Insights From PR Thought Leader Ken Makovsky

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The Growing Role of PR: Stuart Elliott, The New York Times

Stuart Elliott, Advertising Columnist for The New York Times, discusses the role of PR and advertising in the marketing mix and how to market in a recession.

Some of Stuart’s VlogViews:

“Several times I’ve written about campaigns…and it turns out there’s no advertising agency on record involved. The PR agency is the lead agency; and they’re the ones who are doing the quote-unquote advertising.”

“It’s sort of hard to tell where advertising starts and PR ends, or where the new media come in and where the old media step back. It’s being thought of in a much different way now. A lot of those lines are blurring or being erased completely; and as a result, a lot of agencies, a lot of marketers are scrambling to try to adjust to these realities.” The shift to an opt-in culture “is a challenge for everybody, because you have people saying, ‘I’m not going to have this commercial wash over me; I’m going to choose when and where I want to be interrupted’…It’s the consumer who decides if he/she wants to engage.” On the current economic crisi

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Paul Dunay, BearingPoint

Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing for BearingPoint, discusses some of the initiatives he is undertaking to bring his company into the social media space.

Some of Paul’s VlogViews:

“Blogging and social media are kind of a quantity game at this point. I mean, if you look at the amount of blogs that are out there and if you look at the amount of content that is out there, there is more content on the blogosphere then there is in the Library of Congress. So we’re out there trying to mix it up and create an attraction vehicle.”

“We’ve repositioned the company to be about ‘New Thinking For a Changing World’, a very open message. I couldn’t believe command and control branding is still in place at this point because a single one-way message was just too much. So having an open message like that allows us to gather new thinking from other people.”

“Our customers need us now more than ever before. If you have a leak in your basement, you’re not going to wait weeks for a consultant, you’re going to have a plumber today to come and fix that…Our guys are coming in t

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Mark Senak, Fleishman-Hillard

Mark Senak, SVP for Fleishman-Hillard and author of Eye on FDA blog, discusses ways that pharma companies can engage in social media. Recorded at exl Pharma’s Digital Pharma Conference.

Some of Mark’s VlogViews:

“So much of the time what people are tied up about is that this is new media and there are new rules. There aren’t new rules, it’s the same old rules with new media. And people just haven’t grasped that yet.”

“It’s not the medium, it’s the message. If you’re going to say something like it’s ok to use a drug off label online, you’re going to get a warning letter. But if you’re going to talk about a product in the same responsible way that you would in a DTC or a print ad, as long as you meet regulatory guidelines, you’re not going to have a trip wire effect on regulatory.”
“If you can demonstrate that you are making effective inroads through the use of Youtube video in the risk associated with a particular drug, that’s a tremendous tool that’s much more targeted then say, putting something on television where you’re shot gunning a huge audience. W

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