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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Peter Hopkins, Big Think

Peter Hopkins, CEO & Co-Founder of Big Think discusses his unique approach to web content distribution with Eric Wright, SVP of Marketing and Business Development at D S Simon Productions. Recorded at the Publicity Club of New York’s Luncheon Panel, “The Rise of Digital Video: All TV is Not on TV.”

Some of Peter’s VlogViews:

“The web is all about context. It’s not about making people who aren’t interested watch your stuff, it’s about getting people who are interested or might be interested in those places in which they inhabit.”

“The internet is an inherently public relations driven enterprise. Everyone is promoting themselves from the individual up to the Mega Corporation. And so there is all these new outlets to do that…Stay up to date on the different ways that people are using now to distribute, and understand the pros and cons of each of the mechanisms.”

“Find the interesting voices. Find the people who are doing good things in your company and bring them up and let them communicate.”  


Big Think  

Saul Hansell, Editor of Bits Blog, New York Times

Saul Hansell, Editor of “Bits Blog,” New York Times, discusses the pros and cons of writing for a blog versus writing for a newspaper. Recorded at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of Saul’s VlogViews:

“I think that blogs, at least the way we are practicing them, make for a much fuller articulation of truth with much better information then the newspaper world.”

“Instead of a newspaper story, where somebody calls up and complains and if it doesn’t reach the level of a correction, you don’t do anything about it. In the blog world somebody says, ‘well you missed the shading of what we really meant,’ and I say, ‘alright, write it down and we will put it up.'”

“As a blog, we can do things that newspapers stories can’t. Like any blog, we can link to other stories into the discussion of the day so we can help be part of the broader discussion and we can foster discussion. We have readers comment and a lot of times the news sources comment and so we end up having an ongoing discussion between participants and some very knowledgeable readers about the technology topics of the day.”


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Jeremy Pepper, POP PR Jots, Boingo Wireless

Some of Jeremy’s VlogViews:

“The first step isn’t oh, we should do separate plans, it should be, lets do the plan as a whole and integrate social media aspects into it.”

“I am going through regular travel reporters. I’m doing the hardcore traditional media relations, but I’m also working with mobile bloggers because we have a mobile application. I’m working with travel bloggers, I’m working with technology bloggers and I’m going to all these different audiences that would care about us.”

“PR got so caught up in the media in the press that we were forgetting that we are reaching out to the public. Bloggers are part of the public now. The number one thing you need to do is monitor. You need to find out where your name is out there and that you’re engaging the customer, making sure that you’re listening to them.”


Check out Jeremy’s Blog POP! PR Jots Boingo Wireless

Deirdre Breakenridge, PFS Marketwyse

Deirdre Breakenridge, author of PR 2.0 and President and Director of Communication at PFS Marketwyse, discusses the concept of mircomedia at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of Deirdre’s VlogViews:

“You’re engaging as a peer, so you take your marketing hat off. And everybody is peer to peer and your sharing information. And as people get to know you’re and learn about you’re, they will follow you and they want to see you’re human.”

“When you think about PR in general and all those news releases with the jargon and the hype and the BS, that’s all stripped and you are down to concise, brief, meaningful information.”

“Its not about what a company wants to talk to people about. It’s more listening in the community. The best thing you can do is listen and observe.”

Deirdre’s Blog PR 2.0 Strategies PFS Marketwise

Phil Gomes, VP, Digital Media, Edelman Digital

Phil Gomes, VP, Digital Media, Edelman and moderator of a forum of Tech Bloggers at PRSA’s T3PR Conference, discusses the convergence of media and communication and how PR people should respond to social media.

Some of Phil’s VlogViews: “Craigslist exists to give people a break, so that’s what brands and companies need to do. And giving people a break does not equal carpet bomb them with free stuff. It has to do with how can you help them do what they want to do and influence the brand and even empower them to feel like they have a stake in that thing they are most passionate about.”

“The idea is if you build content that is educational quality, conversational quality, journalistic quality, that people want to consume…then that’s a good way to reach to a lot of these audiences.”

“Video is a very compelling way to get that message out and if you do it the right way, if you keep it short, crisp, tight, it does a really good job.”

Edelman Digital Phil’s Blog

Joe Ciarallo, Editor, PRNewser and Senior Account Executive, Horn Group

Joe Ciarallo, Editor, PRNewser and Senior Account Executive, Horn Group, discusses the challenges of communicating in a social media world. Recorded at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of Joe’s VlogViews:

“Anything can matter.”

“A common client question that people get is, ‘is this blog saying something bad about my company?’ or ‘should I respond to that, does this matter?’ And the question is you could obviously measure blogs or community sites or different social nets based on different metrics and different tools but what matters can change very quickly, a blog can grow very quickly or gain or loose significance very quickly.”

“I would argue that with more channels there is more need for more communication, not less. Back in the day you can go to the Today Show, and then your done, and you get your couple of big hits…Not saying that those channels aren’t incredibly important to reach a mass audience but it has totally flipped on its head and a lot of this has changed.”


Joe’s PRNewser Blog Horn Group Disclosure: Joe Ciarallo previously worked at D S Simon Productions.

George Wright, Will it Blend?

George Wright, Marketing Director at Blendtec, discusses the past and future of the most successful video viral marketing campaign ever created. Recorded at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of George’s VlogViews: “Find out where your customers are. Find out who you want to touch and that’s where you need to go to find them. One of our most successful “Will it blend’s” was actually not one of our most viewed videos. When I talk about successful, I talk in terms of selling product. We actually worked with a company that did scrap booking equipment. It’s called cricket, we did a blend for them. It put us right in front of our target demographic audience.”

“I don’t know if there is a secret place to go, it’s not like a secret fishing hole you want to find, but you what you want to do is find out where are your customers, where do they accumulate on the web and target that and find it, and interact with them there.”

Will it Blend? Blendtec

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Corey Kronengold, Tremor Media

Corey Kronengold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at Tremor Media, discusses what PR people are doing wrong when it comes to using video online. Recorded at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of Corey’s VlogViews: “PR people need to decide if it’s the right medium for them first. Making a knee jerk decision to say, ‘I want to do video’ and then figuring out what your message is and who you want to tell is the wrong order. A little cart before the horse…there is nothing inherently magical about online video compared to television.”

“[PR people] need to think first and act second. It’s really all marketing 101. Who do you want to reach, what do you want to tell them? All the tools are available for you to do that now, but make sure you’re choosing the right vehicle, you’re telling them the right message at the right time.”

Tremor Media

Rick Clancy, Sony Electronics

Rick Clancy, SVP of Corporate Communications for Sony Electronics, discusses the trials and tribulations of blogging as a corporate communicator with Christine Deerin, Divisional VP, West Coast for D S Simon Productions. Recorded at the ebay & Ragan Communications Social Media Revolution Conference.

Some of Rick’s VlogViews: “Stay engaged with the news, what’s current, what’s topical…Committing yourself to sharing information, offering commentary and posting something at least once a week.”

“As a corporate communicator, getting involved with the blogosphere, I have got to put myself out there, I have to reflect my own opinion, obviously I represent the company’s interest….but I have to tell people what I think like or don’t like and that seems to be what generates a response.”

“The world is opening up. I think the future is going to be a lot more engagement, a lot more collaboration, more and more people blogging and sharing their comments. It will become almost a matter of routine.”

Check out Rick’s Blog and Sony Electronics

Michele Davis, Xbox 360

Michele Davis, Senior Manager of Internal Communications for Xbox 360, discusses the benefits of implementing Microsoft SharePoint as an internal communication and internal collaboration tool with Christine Deerin, Divisional VP, West Coast for D S Simon Productions. Recorded at the ebay & Ragan Communications Social Media Revolution Conference.

Some of Michele’s VlogViews: “Instead of sharing these large email files, SharePoint is a basic central repository where you can point people to. And it really helps with things like workflow and document version control.”

“The SharePoint that I work more closely with is using it as the platform for your intranet site. And the region I like SharePoint so much is because once I have the site built and have identified the content that I want online. Its easy for me to update that content on my own with having limited resources available to me.”

Check out Microsoft SharePoint and Xbox 360.