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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Lisa Bodell: FutureThink for Communicators

Lisa Bodell, CEO of FutureThink and fellow University of Michigan Alum on what a futurist does (hint: she’s not picking stocks) and how it applies to communications. Recorded after her keynote address at the exlPharma communications conference.

Some of Lisa’s VlogViews: “Futurists look at how all trends come together and how they effect things in not just six months but in ten to twenty years.” “If you want to know what the future is, go and google it. So one of the things we tell people is type something in and add a time frame to it. See the results come up and dig deep.” Check out futurethink. Everything you need to innovate.

Terrie Williams, PR Legend

Celebrity PR maven, entrepreneur, author and public speaker Terrie Williams offers the basics needed to navigate in these changing times.

Some of Terrie’s VlogViews: “There are massive layoffs and everything is downsizing and restructuring and as I said that is a fact of life, but how you communicate during these times is really what is essential.”

“Companies need to pay attention to the mental and emotional health of their employees.”


“It’s all about the visual and I think that to begin the conversation, with your employees video is an excellent way to begin the conversation.”

The Terrie Williams Agency

Michael Rinaldo on Product Placement

Michael Rinaldo, Senior Vice President, Global Healthcare for Fleishman-Hillard argues for product placement on television for Pharma companies. While the FCC calls for tighter rules on product placement, PR industry thought leader, Michael Rinaldo stakes out a position that Pharma companies should get more involved in this controversial practice. Recorded at the exlPharma Communications Conference.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews: “I think the healthcare companies and the pharmaceutical companies aren’t taking enough advantage yet.” “If your telling a public health message, relying only on traditional newspapers, you’re not going to get the job done…When you look at the influence of talk shows and entertainment, certain parts of the population especially are tuned in to those very kinds of programs.” “As long as you’re putting it through the right filters: Is it done with integrity? Is it done with the patient’s best interests in mind? I don’t think it’s any different from the things we already do.” “Well over sixty percent and even seventy percent of brands on TV shows are tied back to where money has been put on the table.” “If the FCC passed product placement disclosure during the television program, I think it would kill the whole process of what goes on right now on TV and I

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Happy Birthday America and D S Simon

D S Simon Productions turns 22.

“Our Social Media Buzz service resonates as clients look to earn media on the web and in blogs to establish authenticity.”

“Organizations are increasingly looking for branded video players that enhance their image.”

A Search For 50 PR Thought Leaders

Some of Doug’s VlogViews: “Over the next year dssimonvlogviews will feature PR’s top 50 thought leaders.”  “Obama will beat John McCain in November.”  “Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, A-Rod and Cynthia Rodriquez will launch the Fab Four concert tour.”  “New Jersey is the new California.”

“Rotator Cuff Power.”

Rolling Stone–Obama’s Brain Trust

Celeb-Crazed Media

Interview with Barri Rafferty, Director, Partner Ketchum, President PRSA New York

The Obama campaign’s impact on PR and communication. Recorded at PRSA-NY’s 2008 Big Apple Awards.

Some of Barri’s VlogViews:

“You look at youtube videos Obama’s created, the messaging, celebrities and music and there is just a great story and motivation there and I think that one of the things that we can start to apply to our clients. How do we get that emotive story telling in there? How do we take these new things we are seeing out there that are working in this campaign and apply them to our corporate clients?”

“Everyone in the industry right now is wondering how do we use this new media, how do we package things better for clients and I think that the more examples and role models that we can show, the better.”


Interview with Deborah Radman, Director and SVP of CKPR and incoming President of PRSA-NY

The changing role of media through the lens of web 2.0, the future of media relations and Deborah’s hopes for the future of PR. Recorded at PRSA-NY’s 2008 Big Apple Awards.

Some of Deborah’s VlogViews:

“The whole web 2.0 environment has generated a lot of questions about what is and isn’t fact and I think our job going forward is going to help out clients and companies to think and respond to that. How to fare out the fact from fiction.”

“PR is everything. Everything we do in communication is about building relationships with key audiences that can help you succeed or make you fail.”

“If we rely on media relations for our future were not going to succeed because the media is constantly changing as well as the delivery channels for information and our messages are going to change. So be an expert of delivery on a much more strategic level and a counselor to many in terms of knowledgeable of interpretation and behavior.”

2008 Big Apple Awards Series

Big Apple Awards James Murphy

Barri Rafferty      Ken Scudder

Search Terms: Public Relations Society of America, Big Apple Awards, PRSA-NY, CKPR, Deborah

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Interview with Ken Scudder, SVP of Virgil Scudder & Associates Media Training Firm

The role of your employees and the web in a crisis

Some of Ken’s VlogViews:

“You want to make sure that information is on your web site as quickly as possible.”

“In a crisis your employees are your ambassadors, you want them to be on your side giving the messages you want.”

“Make sure nothing you say internally is what you don’t want to say externally.”

2008 Big Apple Award Series

Big Apple Awards Jim Murphy

Barri Rafferty        Deborah Radman

Search Terms: Media Relations, Web Video, Ken Scudder, Virgil Scudder & Associates, Big Apple Awards, PRSA-NY.

Interview with Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist.org by Guest Video Blogger Jovanna David

Jovanna David, Senior Account Executive at D S Simon Productions, talks with Craig about the danger of political lies in the age of information warfare, the importance of frankness from a politician, and his hopes for the future of the United States government.

Some of Craig’s VlogViews:


“Lets say a candidate just lies to people. It’s caught, discusses and disseminated pretty quickly and broadly. That’s probably a good thing for the country.”

“I think we are seeing some important stuff happening. We’re seeing possible reinvention of Washington from the grassroots. Not just words but actual occurrences. I think come January we will see more transparency in government. We will see a great reduction in criminal activity performed by the government.”

Creator of the NBA Logo Shares His Insights on Brand Identity

TO LINK TO POST http://bit.ly/1vtp0hZ

Alan Siegel, branding legend and President & CEO of Siegelvision, sat down with Doug Simon and shared his input on the essence of building a brand and the evolution of the communications industry.

Alan’s advice for strategic branding:

1.    The foundation of branding requires a lot of hard work and research. Public Relations is crucial in getting out the brand message and through creative storytelling and thought leadership.

2.    Have a clear voice when defining your brand and don’t let others define your brand’s identity. Keep a balance between allowing your employees to express themselves and controlling the message.

3.    There are three standards successful organizations use to maintain clarity in their message: Be clear, be credible, be relevant