SPOKEies Entry Guide

Entering the SPOKEies™ Awards is now easier than ever. Click on this link to download:  SPOKEies-Entry-Form-Guide-with-Questions  Fill it out. Cut and paste it into the entry portal. That’s it. Don’t forget to use the discount code:  SPKDS1

Build Brand Authenticity By Making Your CEO Accessible

Brand authenticity is an essential part of marketing that simply can’t be overlooked in an era when public trust is at an all-time low in virtually every industry.
While the term “brand authenticity” has been around for decades, there are many reasons why it’s become more than a trendy term, especially among millennials. In its simplest definition, authenticity means honesty. But if you add integrity and transparency into that mix, it’s virtually impossible to oversimplify why millennials and consumers of all ages are demanding it more than ever before.


The PR Industry’s First Awards To Recognize Best Brand, Corporate & Non-Profit Spokespersons With political spokespeople and CEO missteps dominating today’s 24/7 news cycle shouldn’t the best of the best in the corporate and non-profit worlds have an award that recognizes their skills in delivering their organization’s message?Today, The SPOKEies™ were born to do just that.The SPOKEies™ are the first awards program to honor the best spokespeople representing brands, non-profits and corporations.