D S Simon Media Launches Metaverse 3.0

Metaverse 3.0 Offers These Services to the Communications Industry:

  • Metaverse press conferences, interactive trade shows and events inside the D S Simon Media Metaverse

  • Broadcasting live video into your Metaverse

  • Building a custom Metaverse for you

Engagement, accessibility, and personal interaction at the highest level.

Welcome to Metaverse 3.0. Here in the main lobby, you can enter our press event space, conference and trade show area or rooftop. While you might hear about Metaverse environments that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions, events in Metaverse 3.0 can be completed for far less.

Celebrity host Kal Penn broadcast live from the D S Simon Media studio into the Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding which was covered by People Magazine and others. Good news, the couple is still together! We’ve provided more than 20 hours of broadcast video into multiple Metaverse environments.

Here’s our CEO’s avatar in front of the main stage of our conference and trade show area. With one click of your mouse, you can have a video-to-video private conversation. Unlike other Metaverse environments, Metaverse 3.0 allows full participation to anyone who can get on a Zoom meeting. No special equipment is required.

In addition to its main stage, the conference and trade show area has three breakout rooms. You can hold three simultaneous sessions for hundreds of people each.

The main stage in our press event space can host your press conference. You can feature multiple presenters, PowerPoint presentations and reporters can join you on the main stage for Q&A.

If you prefer that reporters conduct one-on-one interviews, they can do that in a meeting room within our press event space. They can even get a video recording of the conversation to use for their broadcast or social media.

No Metaverse environment can be complete without a space to relax. You can enjoy a virtual cocktail in our rooftop garden. Unfortunately, it’s BYOB.

Want to tour Metaverse 3.0? Email us at metaverse@dssimonmedia.com

PR and the Metaverse 3.0 Report

The launch of our Metaverse Services Division was informed by a survey we conducted of 50 Senior Communications executives. We found PR taking a leadership role with 45% of those executives planning to complete projects in the Metaverse this year. Of those 71% are creating Metaverse environments, 67% are conducting B2B events and 43% are broadcasting video into the Metaverse—a number we expect to increase.