How Does a Satellite Media Tour Work?

How Does a Satellite Media Tour Work?

What do I need to get started?

You need to identify a date for the tour and a spokesperson that represents your organization. Stations prefer an internal spokesperson, and to conduct interviews from the spokesperson’s home, office or on location. We connect them to our Broadcast Control Center and handle all transmission to stations.

How much lead time do I need?

We could execute a media tour as quickly as in three to four days. Best practice, however, is to allow about three weeks to do all of the logistics, everything from media pitching to crafting the segment, to set design.

How Does a Satellite Media Tour Work?

Who develops the pitch?

We do, in close consultation with you. We review materials you provide, discuss concepts on a project start call, conduct our own research, and develop a draft for your approval, frequently within a day of the call.

What markets and regions can I reach?

Satellite media tours interviews have been booked in every media market in the country. Depending on the news value of the story, the segments can also be placed on cable business outlets and syndicated shows. Depending on your target markets, we can also generate specific placements in key cities across the country.

How Does a Satellite Media Tour Work?

What will I know in advance?

You are going to know the interview schedule and the questions to prepare for. How? We provide a confirmation document to stations with suggested questions, based on how we craft the segment together. 90% of the stations use they are, while the remaining may throw in a question of their own. You’ll also review scripted content for narrative videos produced as part of your SMT package.

Additionally, our producers will conduct a tech test with your spokesperson prior to the tour to make sure they look and sound their best.

How Does a Satellite Media Tour Work?

What can I expect the day of the tour?

A lot of support from our production team, who’ll guide you through the entire day. You’ll join our virtual meeting early in the morning for makeup and conduct 20-25+ interviews and recorded segments. By the early afternoon, you’ll be ready to get back to work.

How Does a Satellite Media Tour Work?

What happens after the tour? How soon can I see the results?

On the day of the tour, you’ll receive a wrap report highlighting all interviews conducted, airchecks from segments aired, and a schedule for pending airdates. Within a day, you’ll receive an edit for review of a narrative video used for additional distribution. You’ll receive weekly reports of airdates and audience figures for all segments.