What are the Benefits of a Satellite Media Tour?


While it’s harder than ever to get your story on cable or network news, there’s a greater opportunity to get your experts and spokespeople on local news via satellite media tours. The power of local TV news is sometimes overlooked, however according to Pew Research Center, local TV has a larger audience than either cable or network TV. A satellite media tour allows you to establish your experts as leaders in the subject and create awareness for your brand or product through personalized messaging.

Convenience and Reach

It’s an extremely efficient process. In only 5 hours you can interview with up to 25 different stations or as many stations as your talent can do in one day from one single location. You’re getting your message out across to millions of viewers from one convenient location to satellite feed. it’s an effective way to get a message out to the masses in a very concise way.


A satellite media tour gives you an opportunity to utilize your in-house experts and leaders adding credibility to your message and making it more authentic. 83% of journalists agree that using an internal spokesperson adds authenticity to the campaign. Your experts can speak more fluidly about what the campaign is and what people can expect from the particular brand or product.

Controlled Message

One of the unique benefits of a satellite media tour is that more than 90% of the stations will use the questions that have been provided to them to conduct the interview, allowing the brands to maintain control of their message in a positive way.


Satellite media tours do not only a give you an ability to reach a large swath of the country, but also deliver specific messages to each market. It’s a critical advantage in establishing the leadership of your brand to deliver customized, market specific content that resonates with viewers.