Satellite Media Tours

A Satellite Media Tour allows you to effectively communicate your key messages across 20-25+ markets across the country through broadcast interviews. It’s efficient–utilizing only five hours of your spokesperson’s time. We get you bookings on television, radio and online outlets. Each interview can be customized to provide relevant content. You can target specific media markets for the greatest impact.

The end result–you will be able to turn your experts and leaders into influencers, create awareness for your new campaign, win the competition for attention at trade shows and events or leverage a celebrity spokesperson to reach a wide audience.


During the past year, B-Roll we’ve produced and distributed has aired on the major network news outlets, network affiliates in the top 50 media markets and around the world. B-Roll is most effective for entertainment stories, visual stories, medical news, trade shows, events and significant announcements. Our custom-branded, journalist-friendly embeddable microsites, allow us to make quick-turnaround HD broadcast video available for download on a global basis and enhance the value of your newsroom.

Content Creation

Producing great video that drives ROI for your organization is one of the things clients value most. Our award-winning team of strategists, producers, script writers and editors create content so compelling broadcasters, bloggers and individuals air, post and share it earning you valuable exposure.

Metaverse 3.0

This new division within the company will broadcast live video into client’s Metaverse environments and build and maintain Metaverse environments for clients. The firm has recently completed construction of its own Metaverse that clients can lease for Metaverse press conferences, trade shows and learning events.

Co-op Satellite Media Tours

When you don’t have your own spokesperson or budget for a stand-alone campaign, Co-op Satellite Media Tours offer you a cost-effective way to get 20+ bookings on television, radio and digital outlets when your organization’s product or service is seamlessly integrated into a newsworthy segment with other similar yet non-competing products, offering viewers valuable consumer tips by a credible third-party spokesperson. Topic areas for our tours include: health and wellness, travel, food and entertaining, gift-giving, back to school, home improvement, tech, lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Please contact us for our most recent Co-Op tour calendar.

Radio Media Tour

Radio Media Tours

Nielsen is reporting that radio audiences will increase significantly. Our recent survey of radio broadcasters found the largest interest in conducting interviews with brand spokespeople we have ever found.

Radio is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your message out to an important audience and it’s the least intrusive. Your spokesperson can be interviewed from their own homes and your communications team can engage with them on the conference line taking social distancing to the highest level.


Located two blocks from New York City’s transportation hub at Penn Station our full service broadcast studio is perfect for narrative production, news cut ins, live social broadcasts, corporate, training and education videos, infomercials, interview programs and broadcast/online media tours. We feature global satellite connectivity and connectivity to all social platforms all in a modern designed space that puts CEOs at ease. Use our crew or bring your own production team.

Live Social Media Broadcasts

It’s an industry first—a turn-key solution from event production to a live, broadcast quality video feed to more than 25 social channels at the same time. LIVE video streaming is one of the fastest growing marketing channels for brands and our new service is designed to dramatically increase campaign reach. Social Media LIVE™ can turn any live event into a multi-stream event with broadcast quality content. Share a LIVE experience through multiple Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and other popular social channels simultaneously. This short clip reel features experts from live social video broadcast events for Land O’Lakes, LEGOLAND, a Dairy Industry Trade Group and the American Physical Therapy Association