Technology SMT Talents

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Stephanie Humphrey

Stephanie is a technology and lifestyle expert and a former engineer who merges her passion for lifestyle media with in-depth tech expertise to show everyday people how empowering, enriching, and fun technology can be. Stephanie is currently a technology contributor for ABC News where she works as part of the nationally-syndicated Strahan Sara & Keke team. Her expertise is built upon more than a decade as a Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin.

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Matt Swider

Matt Swider is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of The Shortcut, with a Twitter following of +1 million. He is a sought-after expert commenting on technology and gaming and has written for publications such as The Shortcut, TechRadar, Gaming Target, Ars Technica, @Gamer Magazine, tech. the iPad/Android Magazine, GamesRadar, G4TV, GamePro, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and more. He is a passionate communicator that helps consumers find the best deals to save both time and money.