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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Stan Phelps, PRSA Counselors Academy Keynote Speaker, on Differentiating Your Business from the Competition

TO LINK TO POST: bit.ly/1goix4K

Stan Phelps, Counselors Academy Keynote Speaker and author of What’s Your Purple, Goldfish, speaks with Doug Simon, D S Simon, about how companies can differentiate themselves from the competition and how providing high-value and low-maintenance products or services leads to a successful business.

Stan’s VlogViews:

“That’s the idea with doing the little things, is that you want to be able to drive not only differentiation, but do things that drive retention for your customers, as well as give them reasons to talk about your product or service.”

“It comes to one word, ‘more.’ There’s no such thing as meeting the expectations of your customer. You either exceed them, or you fall short. So given the choice of either exceeding or falling short, this is the choice: Do more.”

“The goal is to be seen as high-value and low-maintenance.”

Brian Cohen’s Advice to Young Entrepreneurs: You Want Smart Money, Not Dumb Money


Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, in conversation with Doug Simon, D S Simon, shares how he and the Angels help their up-and-coming entrepreneurs with “smart money” and how tough love is much more effective than unlimited appeasing.

Brian’s VlogViews:

“The first thing you need to know as an entrepreneur is that it’s a contact relationship. You need to reach out to the angels. You need to find the ones that could embrace both you and your ideas.  Somebody who’s going to be there with you, supporting and hugging you when you need to be hugged, and not just giving you money; but giving you smart, caring money.”

“Money is now becoming a lesser important value. The ability to make contacts or relationships happen in their respective marketplaces is much more important. That’s the biggest role for an angel, not just the money.”

“At a Columbia presentation I gave a couple of months ago, I asked 300 of the brightest students there ‘Are we being too nice to you?’ Silence in the room. Everybody came back and say ‘Yes, and we resent it. We want to know what you really think. Don’t be that nice to us.’”

PRSA Counselors Academy Keynote Speaker, Steve McKee, Author of “Power Branding”

TO LINK TO POST: http://bit.ly/1mGQtHU

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon, catches up with Steve McKee, keynote speaker at the PRSA Counselors Academy Conference in Key West, FL and author of Power Branding: Leveraging the Success of the World’s Best Brands. Steve shares his insight on how agencies, corporations, really anyone, can apply his principles successfully and build strong branding. First step: Appeal to consumers’ hearts, not their heads.

Steve’s VlogViews:

Branding is really about likability and relatability. We don’t do enough of that business.

The cliché is that people buy in emotion and justify it with fact. The reason it’s a cliché is because it’s true. We all tend to be driven by hunches, feelings and emotions. Mixed up in there is our thought process and rationality, but it’s mixed up in there. It’s not driven by rationality.

Brands tend to not relate to people as people. We tend to think that the consumer is some sort of a character or caricature, instead of a living, breathing, rational and irrational person.

Jack Nadel on How You Can Survive and Thrive in Business

TO LINK TO POST http://bit.ly/1mUv7am

Are you looking to break into business but not quite sure where or how to start? Jack Nadel, global leader in specialty advertising and marketing and founder of 12 different companies, speaks with Doug Simon, D S Simon President & CEO, about his new book and video set, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur, Featuring 50 of My Best Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Business, and how you can use his experiences and turn it into dollar signs for yourself.  This guy knows what he’s talking about!  

Jack’s VlogViews:

“You can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s answers. You have to be motivated to do it. There are a lot of people who don’t have the feeling that they could do it—go into a strange business. But… it ain’t that tough! I started with a high school diploma, and I’ve done business around the world. I even represented the United States at a trade mission, and everything’s worked out fine because I’ve done it. That’s what I’m trying to teach people from what I have already done. It’s not hypothesis; it’s not theory—this stuff works.”

“The odds are, if you have a good idea, someone else has had it before you. I urge people to do their research to see who’s done it, and how successful they’ve been.”

“Know exactly what it is you want to do, and how you’re going to convert that thing that you love to do, into making a profit out of it.”

“I always felt that it’s a good policy to always give a little extra. If I make ce

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Huffington Post Editor, Arin Greenwood, on Cats Running for Office (Not an April Fools Joke) and How to Best Pitch Your Story to HuffPo

TO LINK TO POST: http://bit.ly/1e8iTWe

Huffington Post editor, Arin Greenwood, speaks with D S Simon President & CEO, Doug Simon, at the Capitol Communicator’s Convergence in Communication Conference, giving her tips on how PR professionals can best approach the media with a story.  She also has a great anecdote about a cat running for the U.S Senate.

Arin’s VlogViews:

“I’m open to a variety of sorts of pitches. I like getting emails from people who know my work, and come across stories, people, cats, topics that they think I might be interested in.”

“I don’t mind being approached on Facebook; you can call if you have to, but I prefer not hearing from people on the phone. I prefer email or Facebook.”

“Facebook is a fantastic tool. When I’m looking to see if this is something that I’m interested in writing about, I’ll look on Facebook and see what sort of presences there are. Is this something that people are interested in? Are there photos that could go along with this that’ll make it more interesting and engaging for our readers?”

Benny Johnson of Buzzfeed on Reaching and Engaging Millennials in this Distracted, Multi-Involved Culture

TO LINK TO POST: http://bit.ly/1ffwSNO

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon, interviews Benny “Buzzfeed Benny” Johnson, who handles viral politics for Buzzfeed, at the Capital Communicator’s Convergence in Communication Conference, about how to best reach Millennials and what he does to keep the generation engaged with politics every day.

BuzzFeed Benny @bennyjohnson’s

Talks about how to reach millennials with political information

Pitches to get a job with Hershey’s by touting their competitor… Oops #Herseys @CadburyUK

Offers his prediction for the midterm elections with surprising news on @SenRandPaul

How to Bolster New Business Pitches Using Market Research

TO LINK TO POST: http://bit.ly/1hf6xQH

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon, interviews Lab42 founder, Jonathan Pirc, about the growing importance of market research and how PR agencies can intelligently use their findings to enhance their new business pitches.

Jonathan’s VlogViews:

“The main thing clients can learn when they are doing research is looking to figure out who the target market of the client is; and not just the basic demographics, but diving deep into finding the psychographics, what really makes these people tick.”

“It’s really figuring out why people are choosing things, instead of just if they are and how they are.”

“I think that using big data and little data, for the surveys, is a great way to go into new pitches. It really helps to level the playing field against larger PR firms that might be pitching against you, because then you have the tools and resources at hand.”

Inside the Web Video Panel at the 2014 Convergence in Communication Conference

TO LINK TO POST: http://bit.ly/QgDNxr

Jennifer Nycz-Conner, Managing Editor of the Washington Business Journal speaks with Doug Simon about their upcoming panel “Growing Options and Uses for Video on the Web,” that will also feature speakers Keith Jodoin, CEO of Sapling Pictures and John Sherman, CEO of StoryFarm, which will be taking place at the Capital Communicator’s Convergence in Communication Conference March 28th in Arlington, VA.

Jennifer’s VlogViews:

“Because video is one of those strange animals, that people who have been in the communications industry for a long time know that for years, it was so cost-prohibitive and expensive, and kind of a complicated, technological thing to do. Now it’s changed completely.”

“So there are all kinds of new uses that communicators from all backgrounds and all different sized agencies, companies, internal groups can be using.”

“How many times have we all been in a meeting where a client goes ‘But we’d really like to buy a viral video—how do we do that?’ It’s just not something that you can order up off the shelves. So, talking about how you can manage expectations, but also lay out a strategic plan on how you’re going to get that video out there once you spend the time and effort to make it.”

Shonali Burke on PR Measurements: Where They’ve Been, Where They Are, and Where They’re Going

TO LINK TO FULL POST http://bit.ly/1jCgdUf

Shonali Burke of Shonali Burke Consulting speaks with D S Simon’s President & CEO, Doug Simon, about her upcoming panel at the Capital Communicator’s Convergence in Communication Conference that will be taking place March 28 in Arlington, VA.  Shonali’s panel will be speaking about PR measurements and research.

Shonali’s VlogViews:

“One of the most important things we all have to do for our clients and organizations is show that we are helping the business and work towards its objectives.”

“A lot of times what happens is folks focus so much on the strategy or the tactics, but they don’t incorporate measurement. Or, they start to come up with all of the tactics without even thinking about what the strategy is going to be.”

“We hope to start a conversation about where PR measurements and research have been, where they are now, and where they’re going, especially when it comes to the setting and maintaining of standards of measurement and evaluation in public relations. That’s an area in which our industry has historically lagged a bit.”

Disclosure: An Old Issue Still Making News

TO LINK TO POST http://bit.ly/1hs1xpx

The consent decree between the FTC and ADT has put spokesperson guidelines back in the news. Has anything changed?

Doug’s VlogViews:

“These rules have been in place since 2009 and this case is from 2011.  As long as brands, spokespeople and agency partners comply, there’s nothing new.”

“The consent decree requires ADT to terminate and cease payment to an endorser (spokesperson) who fails to disclose and for the first time expands the disclosure requirement to radio.”

“It’s unclear if the tougher rules will be applied more broadly but best practice requires brands, agencies and spokespeople to fully comply.”