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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Kevin Dando, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing & Communications, on PBS’s Tactics to Social Media

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Kevin Dando, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Communications for PBS and speaker at the PR News Social Media Summit, shares with Doug Simon some of the tactics PBS is utilizing for their social media.

What PBS is doing on social media that you can use for your organization:

1)    Develop a voice. Experiment with different kinds of posts at different times of the day.

2)    If you don’t have your own content, share from those in your community. Think of similar accounts your followers would be interested and share their content. That’s the point of being social!

3)    If you don’t know what your audience is interested in or looking for… ask! Open a dialogue with your followers so you can better deliver the content they want.

Social Media: It’s not free

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After presenting at the PR News Social Media Summit with Taste of Tech, Kathryn Scheaffer, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Mondelez International for the Ritz brand, in conversation with Doug Simon, explains how social media is not free when utilized properly by a brand or organization.

Kathryn’s 3 Key Takeaways on Social Media

1)    Social media is not free. In order to be successful, you have to spend time and resources against channel strategy and content development.

2)    Since social media is not free, you want to be selective about the platforms you promote your brand on.

3)    Don’t be a friend.  Be your brand. Amplify your brand’s voice and the role you play in a consumer’s life.

Thought Leadership at PRSA 2014 Counselors Academy Conference in Key West, FL

Turning the Tables: Doug Simon on how to evolve your agency with the changing industry

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, in conversation with Eric Morgenstern of Morningstar Communications at the Counselors Academy Conference, shares how his company has evolved with the changing communications landscape and what agencies should keep in mind when working with strategic partners.

Doug’s VlogViews:

“It’s important to make sure the strategic partner is considering how you can create an ongoing work stream and revenue stream, where you’re going to be able to contribute to your client’s need, but keep it in the business.”

“Social media takes time to develop. Clients aren’t well known for having great patience, all of the time. A key thing we’ve developed is to partner them with this service, so they can give a jumpstart to the social media outreach. So after a month, you have some metrics.”

“As long as the spokesperson partnership is truly authentic, and makes sense, and you’re willing to be flexible, it should work. You can’t put in brand attitude on someone who you’re bringing onboard because of the following they’ve already built. You have to find that match and work together to build a greater whole. Make it tone plus one equals three.”

How to be a Successful CEO in PR

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Eric Morgenstern, President & CEO of Morningstar Communications, shares with Doug Simon, the reason why he’s attended the Counselors Academy Conference for the past 17 years. He says it’s all about being a lifelong learner and evolving with the industry.

Eric’s VlogViews:

“You have to be a lifelong learner in this business.  We’re all doing things that didn’t even exist a half dozen years ago.  But one of the things that we certainly embrace is the concept of constant course corrections, or, continuous improvement.”

“Like most leaders in most industries, we believe that an educated buyer of our products and services, is a great customer. We find the ones that really embrace it become and evolve better, and the ones that don’t, well, we move on. It’s a never-ending educational challenge, both internally and with our clients, to make sure they understand what is the value that we’re providing and what changes do we need to enhance that value”

“There is achievement, and then there’s overachievement.  And if we’re not hitting achievement, then no one’s happy.  But we’re always striving for those stretch goals, or the overachievement levels.”

Mike Neumeier, Principal at Arketi Group, on Using Marketing Automation Successfully

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Mike Neumeier, Principal at Arketi Group, a technology PR and digital marketing agency, speaks with Doug Simon at the 2014 Counselors Academy Conference about how he utilizes marketing automation to keep his agency top of mind with existing and new clients.

Mike’s VlogViews:

“Find a way to get thought leadership out in front of them, offers out in front of them, and different bits of information to keep them engaged so that when they’re ready to pull the trigger, they’re contacting you. Marketing automation tools really let the practitioner make that happen for their clients today.”

“It’s about lead nurturing, not just lead generation. So being able to use sophisticated marketing automations tools that let you do a drip campaign to constantly stay in front of people that have been on your website.

“Thought leadership’s great, because no one wants just constant promotions. They don’t even want white papers; they want infographics, they want point-of-view articles.”

The Evolution of the Spokesperson: From PR Professionals to Subject Matter Experts

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Dan Hartlage, Principal at Guthrie/Mayes in Louisville, speaks to Doug Simon at this year’s PRSA Counselors Academy Conference in Key West, FL, about the importance of media training now that companies and organizations are using experts as opposed to PR professionals as spokespeople.

Dan’s VlogViews:

“The industry has evolved to the point where it’s all about getting accurate, good, concise information, to media that’s in the right perspective. And why not have someone convey the information who actually is involved in the day-to-day operations.”

“They are subject matter experts, which does not necessarily mean they’re good communicators.  So, from a media training standpoint, there’s a lot of work to be done.”

“Bottom line is, go in with three key messages, and things you want to talk about, that are important to the interview.  Because, why do an interview, if you don’t have some things you want to talk about?”

Mike Doyle, Partner at Ketchum: PR is about talent, always has been and always will be

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Mike Doyle, presenter at the PRSA-NY 2014 Big Apple Awards and partner at Ketchum, spoke with Doug Simon about why he believes, no matter how the communications field evolves, the public relations industry will always be grounded in talented people and authenticity.

Mike’s VlogViews:

“What hasn’t changed, no matter where we’re evolving, is talent. It’s still, and will always be, a talent game. It’s important to make sure that we are retaining the best talent that we have and that we’re attracting the best talent that the industry has.”

“We believe it starts with earned, which is where our industry started, which is why we have a right to start there and an obligation to start there, but it’s also in hiring and retaining talent that understand and appreciate that, and approach work from an idea-centered model, not a channel-specific.”

“When you think about the nature of our profession and where it really started, the anchor of our profession is all about credibility and authenticity. There’s no other discipline that knows, appreciates, and understands what that means as much as the earned space, which is why it starts there and certainly has to grow from there.”

PRSA National President, Joseph Cohen, on where the Organization and Public Relations Industry are Heading

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PRSA National President, Joseph Cohen, in conversation with Doug Simon, congratulates the New York chapter for its tremendous job raising the bar for the PR industry, how he plans for utilize his position to move the industry forward and what he still has planned for PRSA.

Joe’s VlogViews:

“Social media has helped to level the playing field between the disciplines.  Now it’s less about having a seat; it’s about having a lead seat and really positioning PR to be a lead strategic discipline that is helping to drive strategy.”

“In the past we used to say that we would help our members be great professionals and how to think like a journalist; but now, in order to do this job at the highest level and to do it right, you need to be thinking like a CEO, CMO, publisher, and of course, like a journalist as well.”

“PRSA-NY does a really good job of educating its members and professionals in the area on how to succeed and grow in this environment, and that’s something that is directly reflective of the priorities we have at national, so the work that they do is great.”

Harry Zlokower on Mentoring Young PR Professionals and Receiving the PRSA-NY Philip Dorf Award

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This year at the 2014 Big Apple Awards, Harry Zlokower of Zlokower Group was presented with the esteemed Philip Dorf Award.  Before receiving his honor, Harry spoke with Doug Simon about why mentoring young PR professionals has been such an important part of his career.

Harry’s VlogViews:

“I like to help young professionals understand concepts and be patient with them.”

“I think managers have to set goals and standards, and be able to direct. But a lot of managing, I’m certain, in a professional area, has to do with setting an example with being patient, teaching, and showing positive reinforcement to people that you work with.”