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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Mike Bako on WPIX-TV New York: ARod files lawsuit against Major League Baseball

Mike Bako, of D S Simon Sports and DailyNational.com, appears on WPIX-TV New York to discuss the lawsuit filed against Major League Baseball by suspended slugger Alex Rodriquez.


To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/michaelawalsh/

DOUG SIMON, President and CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, talks with MICHAELA WALSH, founding President of WOMEN’S WORLD BANKING and author of the book ‘Founding A Movement’ on the leadership gender gap and her upcoming speech at the IMPACT LEADERSHIP 21 Summit.

Michael Walsh’s Vlog Views:

“I really respect enormously what Janet is trying to do with this idea of bringing people together globally which is what I did many many years ago for the first time by bringing women together and making sure that they have direct access to the tools of production within their own economies.”

“It’s a unique role model in how women and men can work together to solve problems and to change the way the world works.”

“Diversity to me, diversity and change, many different voices, many different experiences, whether it’s male, female, young, old, whatever, we can make a difference and change the world to benefit more and more people in the world.”

Mike Bako on WPIX NY: Mariano Rivera Retires

Mike Bako, Sports Editor of DailyNational.com and Director of SportsMarc at D S Simon, appears on WPIX channel 11 in New York to discuss the retirement of New York Yankee legend Mariano Rivera.


To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/walkingwithanthony

Mike Bako , Director of Sports MarCom at D S Simon, speaks with ANTHONY PURCELL and MICKI PURCELL, founders of the Walking With Anthony Foundation on the organization’s mission and partnership with the Washington Redskins Alumni Association on their upcoming golf tournament.

After breaking his neck while in Florida for the 2010 Super Bowl, Anthony Purcell and his mother Micki created the Walking With Anthony Foundation whose mission is to help as many people as possible suffering from spinal cord injuries. With September being Spinal Cord Awareness Month, the Foundation recently partnered with the Washington Redskins Alumni Association on a golf tournament taking place on October 21st which will feature dinner, live and silent auctions in addition to ESPN’s Doc Walker broadcasting his show from the event.

Anthony and Micki Purcell’s Vlog Views:

“This communities very, very small and for me to have the opportunity to get the word out with the passion of my mom making this foundation is truly a blessing.”

“100% of our monies go back into the charity to help people. It costs $100,000 a year to help one person. I don’t know if anyone listening has ever had a loved one get hurt with a spinal cord injury, but after 20 days of rehab they send you home to live in that chair.”

“Everybody out there should have the opportunity to get more independent, get healthier and get their lives back. We’ve only been able to help 12 people because again it costs $100,000 a year to help one person, so we’re going to go out there, keep pushing and keep doing the events and keep helping as many people as we can.”

D S Simon Names Mike Bako to Head Sports MarCom Group

Strategic Video Communications Firm D S Simon Productions has named Mike Bako as Director of its expanded Sports MarCom Division.

Bako is frequently an on-air commentator for Fox News and CW flagship WPIX in New York on sports and sports communication issues. He’s been with D S Simon for 18 months as Account and Marketing Manager.

He will be involved in strategy for brands developing sports marketing initiatives including viral video, content syndication, Internet and Satellite Media Tours and social media initiatives as well as Media Training for athletes and spokespeople.

In his role, he’ll report directly to company CEO Douglas Simon, who spent eight years at NBC Sports including work as Talent Assistant to legendary broadcaster Bob Costas. Simon’s insights into sports marketing and Super Bowl commercials were featured in an article on the HuffingtonPost this past year.

“Mike provides a perfect mix of marketing and media experience that provides extraordinary value to our client base. Because of the work we have been doing in this space we thought it would be the perfect time to brand our MarCom services” said Simon.

D S Simon will be providing broadcast crews, satellite trucks, and its four-camera studio with global HD transmission on a 24/7 basis during the weeks leading up to the Big gam

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DOUG SIMON, President and CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, gives his take on how a well thought out communications strategy ultimately could lead to the end of an international crisis.

Doug Simon’s Vlog Views:

“Clearly Kerry’s gaffe was not an accident. Now those of you in communications know that accidents at that level just don’t happen.”

“Russia was now positioned to be a player in Middle East politics. Obama was willing to look weak, which I actually view as strength.”

“Very surprised that the media has swallowed this ‘accident’ talk, hook line and sinker when clearly it was a well-executed strategy by the President and the administration to come up with a diplomatic solution to this stage of the Syria crisis. Whether it will work, that’s a separate question?”

How to Plan Ahead for a Crisis

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/lisacole/

MIKE BAKO, Marketing Manager of D S Simon, speaks with LISA COLE, Corporate Communications Director for HILTON PR, about the importance of having a crisis communications plan in place.

Lisa Cole’s Vlog Views:

“I think, dealing with a crisis, you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario.”

“A crisis is going to happen. That’s just the world we live in. It’s going to happen. We make mistakes. Things do happen.”

“We have a policy where nobody speaks to the media…we do, it comes through the public relations department. It’s a good line of defense and a good starting point.

Ron Magill on ZooMiami’s Media Outreach and Communication Strategies

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/ronmagill/

MIKE BAKO, Marketing Manager of D S SIMON, speaks with RON MAGILL, Communications Director of ZOOMIAMI, about his innovative and creative approach to communications and media outreach.

Ron Magill’s Vlog Views:

“It’s really all about developing relationships, and I think that if we get ourselves out of our little niche-it’s obvious you can do something for Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, but I try to do things also on sports radio, talk radio, morning drive radio- trying to get yourself out of that niche, and trying to appeal to more than just preaching to the choir. And I think that’s the important thing.”

“I still believe there’s something to be said about broad stream media- like television news, like doing radio shows, doing documentaries and things like that.”

“The Zoo’s got to teach, but not in a teaching manner, it’s what I call education through entertainment. We’ve got to get people enthused, educated, but entertained. They’ve got to have fun.”

PRSA CEO on How the PR Industry Continues to Evolve

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/mickeynall/

MIKE BAKO, Marketing Manager of D S Simon, speaks with MICKEY NALL, Chairman and CEO of PRSA, on the importance of brand journalism and storytelling in the public relations profession.

Mickey Nall’s Vlog Views:

“Great PR practitioners are great writers, they just need to think a little more visually and maybe utilize not only photos, but video. And, at the same time, embrace infographics – make complicated information easier for people to understand.”

“I think people spend a lot of time making sure every ‘I is dotted and T is crossed’, forgetting that this is a very human profession, a very human interaction that’s got to take place between two audiences, two groups, whatever constituents, and, in order to do that, you need to appeal and hopefully deliver some insight in a way that people want to understand and people are engaged and want to be a part of it. And one technique to do that is storytelling.”

“Get to the core of the brand, get to the heart of the story and tell it.”

How McDonald’s Manages and Monitors Social Media

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/laineygarcia/

MIKE BAKO, Marketing Manager of D S SIMON, speaks with LAINEY GARCIA, Manager of External Communications for MCDONALD’S CORPORATION, about how McDonald’s manages and monitors their social media accounts.

Lainey Garcia’s Vlog Views:

“I would suggest to make sure that you have the right teams in place, understand social media monitoring tools and that have the bandwidth to handle that responsibility.”

“We know that folks are changing the way that they look at brands and speak to brands and, often times now, it’s in social media and we have to give them a reason to come back and talk to us in those new ways.”

“It’s really hard to make a connection between social media and sales, we try and do that as much as possible”