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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Richard Laermer, Owner, RLM PR

Richard Laermer, Owner of RLM PR and author of  2011:Trendspotting For The Next Decade, discusses the future of PR and how communicators can adapt to those changes.

Some of Richard’s VlogViews:

“Responsibility has a lot to do with the way people communicate. And PR people, just like most service people in the last few years of instant messages and texting and all the things we all do, have gotten off of communicating. Now we’re not communicating, now we’re just sending things.”

“We who are in PR tend to do a disservice to ourselves. We tend to speak a lot in these sloganistic terms. Lots of statements, lots of things that we don’t actually say to people. The average consumer that we are talking to, or the average business that we are communicating with…they understand that they’re being thrust upon and we as communicators have to take a step back and say, “how can we say something that just says it?”

“Look at the President. If he has taught us one thing, it’s no drama. And if we can learn from that right now and use that as our motto, we’re all going be ok.”

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The 2009 Green Inaugural Ball

“Behind-the-scenes” at the 2009 Green Inaugural Ball: One of the most anticipated inauguration events. 

The celebrity packed 2009 Green Inaugural Ball, chaired by Al Gore showcased the “big green tent” -“ a broad movement by more than 75 environmental, conservation, labor, civil justice, youth, and business groups celebrating the new green economy.


I was able to attend as my firm produced and distributed three media B-Roll feeds of the evening’s events and created and syndicated the web video content.


Denise Bode of the American Wind Energy Association, Rhone Resch of the Solar Energy Industries Association, Carl Pope of the Sierra Club, Larry Schweiger of the National Wildlife Federation were among the environmental leaders I spoke to. What struck me is there is “green” in green. For perhaps the first time the need to create jobs, business objectives and protecting the environment are in sync.


On the celebrity side will.i.am., John Legend, Blair Underwood, Lisa Ling, Michael Franti and Paul Reiser were especially cooperative and thoug

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Peter Himler, Flatiron Communications

Peter Himler, Principal/Founder of Flatiron Communications, discusses the growth of social media in the current economic climate. Recorded at Business Development Institute’s Real Time Communications Conference.

Some of Peter’s VlogViews: “I don’t think traditional PR is going away anytime soon. What I do think is that more and more traditional companies are going to see the value in social media and they’re going to begin to acquire companies that do it or hire individuals that understand it. They’re going to make a greater investment in spite of the economy.”

“PR people need to be savvy on how to create digital video, how to create content and optimize it so it’s findable on google. Understanding search and what search means to the PR person and to the PR person’s clients and to their brand.”

“There are skills that are needed to work through traditional media to get your message across. There is media training, message development and all that stuff. But now you can go directly to your end audiences and you can find your niche audiences as they migrate online. You have a giant migration of consumers onto the internet.”

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Sandra Fathi, Affect Strategies

Sandra Fathi, President, Affect Strategies discusses microblogging and its role in communications. Recorded at Business Development Institute’s Real Time Communications Conference.

Some of Sandra’s VlogViews:

“For microblogging, a lot of people are just afraid to start. First thing is just listen, all of these tools are free. Join and start following other people and start listening to conversations and see how other people are using twitter.”

“I don’t think that there is a wrong way to use twitter. You need to understand what you want to get out of it. If you want this to be a vehicle for you to communicate with your customers, well what do your customers really want to know?”

Affect Strategies

2009 Predictions on Politics, the Economy, Communications, PR and More

Some of Doug’s 2009 Predictions:


Obama will have a successful first year with an approval rating of over 50%. He’ll also break his promise about paying for his plan by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens.


Unemployment will continue to rise, but the Dow will close the year up over 1000 points.

Just want Communications and PR predictions? Click the image below.

Industry growth will slow as advertising, marketing and PR compete for the same dollars. There will be opportunities for PR and communications in public policy, earning media online by developing content and placing it with Web reporters, and oddly enough for infomercial producers.

J E T S — Despair for Fans, Lessons for Communicators

Some of Doug’s Vlog Views:

1. The choice to be evasive damaged the team’s relationship with fans and players.

2. Firing Mangini was probably a cover for the failed decision to get Brett Favre and dump Pennington. Of course my view might change if they hire Bill Cowher. Link to the Jets press conference 

Holiday Video Greeting and Donation from D S Simon Productions

We hope you enjoy this video holiday greeting card that some of our staff put together. We taped it during our work at the Broadway Community Food Bank in New York. In keeping with our holiday tradition and in addition to the card, a donation has been made to Broadway Community Inc.

We thank you for your support and wish you a happy and healthy 2009. About Broadway Community Inc. The Mission of Broadway Community, Inc. is to provide emergency food, clothing and shelter to those in need, as well as long-term support aimed at healing the body, mind and spirit.

Internet Media Tours

Internet Media Tours (IMTs) are a low-cost option to promote an initiative online that will take-off in 2009.

Email me for more information on IMTs.

Check out some of the recent media coverage IMTs have received:

PR Week Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog

JC Penny’s “Beware of the Doghouse” website and video exemplify a high-end social media campaign.


Should I Defend Blagojevich?

Some of Doug’s Vlog Views:

1) The Wall Street Journal notes it might be difficult to convict Blagojevich.

2) Was Blagojevich’s crime the action itself or the lack of subtlety and class with which he went about it?

3) Is this different than Obama’s helping Hillary retire her campaign debt and offering her the Secretary of State position in return for her support?

4) Blagojevich should be arrested for still wearing his 1970s haircut.

D S Simon staffers “Jovi D” and “Big Bri” lobbied successfully to have their photo appear in this vlog post.

Bill Gates and His Foundation Find a New Approach to VNRs and Branded Content

An overshadowed story as the Tribune Company and Jay Leno dominate news coverage on the media industry.