PR’s Top Pros Talk…Tips for 2021 – Luke Lambert

Luke Lambert, President and CEO, G&S Business Communications, urges communicators not to turn page on 2020 so quickly. It is essential to take time and note the lessons learned in the past year and turn them into best practices. Luke also shares actions that his agency implemented to tackle issues of diversity and inclusion internally as well as with their clients.

PR’s Top Pros Talk…Tips for 2021 – Heather Kernahan

Heather Kernahan, CEO, North America, Hotwire, and Board Chair, PR Council, encourages communications professionals to continually find ways to stay inspired in 2021. She shares insights on how more and more businesses are striving to position themselves as tech companies. Heather also anticipates that communicators will begin to own more of the data and analytics within their companies. She sees integrated communications and marketing as the way to think about your organization.

PR’s Top Pros Talk…Tips for 2021 – Emily Poe

Emily Poe, Chief Integration Officer, W2O, stresses the importance of understanding different elements of how your audiences experience the world before communicating with them. She emphasizes leveraging data and analytics as key to reaching your stakeholders in the most effective ways. Emily encourages audience-specific tailoring of messages and content on digital channels.