PR’s Top Pros Talk: Jennifer Bodner

 Jennifer Bodner, CEO of Babbit Bodner, discusses how to manage the unpredictability of PR by planning ahead and knowing when to pivot. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of gathering insights during the research process. She talks about the value of being a scrappy and strategic communicator. Jennifer also shares what Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and the Barbie movie have in common.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tel: 212.736.2727 Meet Our Leadership Team Doug Simon, Founder & CEO I 917.952.7007 // Doug Simon is the CEO of the award-winning company D S Simon Media. His firm helps clients get their stories on television, through satellite media tours and by producing and distributing video content to the media. It also provides video production services and produces virtual press conferences. Doug has grown D S Simon Media from a start-up, self-funded with $2,000 from…

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Marie de Foucaud

 Marie de Foucaud, Founder and CEO of Elovation Consulting, describes how the Saudi Fashion Commission is making a huge impact on local communities. Marie highlights her experience connecting with upcoming talent and political leaders for the Saudi 100 Brands project. Marie also shares what communicators need to know before working with international brands.

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Krysten Copeland

 Krysten Copeland, Founder of KC & Co Communications, discusses the importance of having open and inclusive conversations when planning the messaging for a campaign. She also discusses valuable tools such as polling through social media to ensure a client’s target audience is being reached. Krysten also shares her advice for getting stories on local and national TV news.