PR’s Top Pros Talk… Uncovering the Truth About AI

 What do communicators need to know about AI? Tomás Puig, Founder and CEO of Alembic, breaks down common myths about generative AI. He highlights the impact of earned media in reaching a broader audience. Curtis Sparrer, Principal of Bospar PR, shares his experience discussing the impact of AI with colleagues and clients. Tomás and Curtis stress the significance of gaining insights from experts before implementing AI.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… The Value of Thought Leadership

 Annie Dunleavy, Senior VP & U.S. Head of Content Strategy for Edelman Business Marketing, and Tusar Barik, Senior Director of Marketing for LinkedIn, discuss the essentials of thought leadership. Tusar emphasizes leveraging LinkedIn for posting and sharing insightful content. Annie shares how to elevate a thought leadership strategy to make the most impact. They also explain the role of thought leadership in adapting to shrinking newsrooms. Download the 2024 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact…

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Creating and Evaluating Strategic Priorities

 Johnny Smith, Vice President of Communications for Roche Diagnostics North America, shares how to create a strategic prioritization framework that meets communications and business objectives. He describes how his team uses a confidence-level scoring system to ensure they focus on projects that deliver the most impact. In our discussion, Johnny also talked in detail about the value of discipline in leadership.