PR’s Top Pros Talk: Brian Lowe

 What is the importance of fun in brand marketing? Brian Lowe, Founder, President and CEO of BML Public Relations + Digital, highlights the powerful physiological impact of fun on increasing consumer awareness, loyalty and purchase. Brian also explains how brands can incorporate humor in campaign strategies, and why it’s time to publish positive content. Download the full survey here: // 

NextUP – Christian Stellakis

Tel: 212.736.2727 NextUP… Christian Stellakis Director at The Herald Group Christian Stellakis, Director at The Herald Group, discusses with Katy Colón from D S Simon Media and Isis Simpson-Mersha from Ragan Communications about how working in politics led to his career in public affairs. Stellakis walks through the process he uses when planning a client campaign and shares how stepping out of his comfort zone led to professional growth. >> Check out more NextUP episodes here!…

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Lauren Lawson-Zilai

 What role do PR and communications professionals play in breaking down the stigma of substance use disorder? Lauren Lawson-Zilai, Senior Director of Media and Public Relations for Shatterproof, explains that communicators can play an important role by utilizing people-first language and showcasing stories that highlight empathy with their clients. Lauren also shares what employees can do to help their colleagues who may be struggling with substance use disorder. For additional resources, go to: //

NextUP – Kaylin Trychon

Tel: 212.736.2727 NextUP… Kaylin Trychon Head of Global Communications and Marketing at Chainguard Kaylin Trychon, Head of Global Communications and Marketing at Chainguard, shares how she fuels her passion for security communications by taking on new career opportunities. She advocates for over-communicating before and during a crisis. Trychon discusses with Isis Simpson-Mersha from Ragan Communications and Lynsey Stanicki from D S Simon Media about how communicators can foster better relationships and needs of the…

NextUP – Tiffany Hernandez

Tel: 212.736.2727 NextUP… Tiffany Hernandez Senior Account Executive at Elev8 New Media Tiffany Hernandez, senior account executive at Elev8 New Media, reflects on pivoting her career path from preschool to PR. Hernandez also discusses with Katy Colón from D S Simon Media and Isis Simpson-Mersha from Ragan Communications about how she found her voice through creative writing and found her calling, by giving small businesses a voice through storytelling. She shares why keeping up…