PR’s Top Pros Talk: Heather Caouette

 How can communicators understand their customers’ voices? Heather Caouette, Marketing and Communications Director at Xealth, explains the value of understanding how your products work directly from the customer experience to the sales perspective to get a fresh outlook – as well as how brand awareness can help employees and their customers with strategy and outreach. Heather also discusses how the future of healthcare technology will be more transparent and accessible to customers and healthcare…

NextUP – Amna Qureshi

Tel: 212.736.2727 NextUP… Amna Qureshi Internal Communications Manager at Polestar Amna Qureshi, Internal Communications Manager at Polestar, discusses how internal communications is important in keeping employees feeling valued and connected in the workplace, as well as, informed of organizational efforts and changes. Amna also discusses with Isis Simpson-Mersha from Ragan Communications and Katy Colón from D S Simon Media about the expectations versus realities of developing collegiate skills in an entry-level role. >> Check out more NextUP episodes here! TRANSCRIPT:   ISIS: I’m Isis Simpson-Mersha, Conference Producer and Reporter at Ragan.…

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Ethan Rasiel

 How can you help clients break down muscle memory in conversation? Ethan Rasiel, CEO of Lightspeed PR & Marketing, recommends asking clients to participate in mock interviews that allow them to test language that any type of audience can understand, such as, journalists, partners, or potential customers. Ethan also explains the 5 behaviors that PR impacts and how communicators can effectively approach them.

NextUP – Laura Beth Telep

Tel: 212.736.2727 NextUP… Laura Beth Telep Vice President of Clyde Group Laura Beth Telep (LB), Vice President of Clyde Group, reflects on the employee support she received from co-workers, as an intern to a manager. LB also reflects on Clyde Group’s CEO, Alex Slater, whose guidance and empathy helped his staff during a time of uncertainty. LB talks to Dante Muccigrosso from D S Simon Media and Emma Atkinson from Ragan Communications, about the…

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Marji Sherman

 Why should marketers invest in the Metaverse? Marji Sherman, Vice President of Digital at Cognito Media, dives into the benefits, such as, building brand awareness with Metaverse conferences and innovative office environments that change the way employees and clients interact. Marji also highlights the power of NFTs when it comes to brands selling merchandise.